Democratic chevauchée ?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tieguy, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Think about it for a minute. At one point Bush has the best economy around. Stock market climbing to new highs. Unemployement all time low. GNP growing at a healthy rate. A terrific growing thriving economy. Couple that with a campaign in Iraq that was winding down to a successful close and you had conditions that were looking great for republicans.

    In a mere two years or actually less a democratic led congress which included Obama performed a chevauchee on the economy that destroyed it. Had this congress not destoryed the economy so swiftly and completely the republicans could very well have had their own mandate.

    Obama owes his presidency to the democratic chevauchee. Were conditions as they were last year he would have had no prayer. The sad thing is with the destruction so quick and complete you have to wonder if the congress did not act with malice and forethought with the presidency in mind.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Okay...where did you hear this word?
    Have not heard that used ever, though I did read about it as a tactic in the 100 years war.

    How about Scorched Earth? We know that down here in Georgia where Sherman is a cussword. :hot4:
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    Hey Tieguy!! This is a very nice try. I know a lot of Republicans are trying to find a scape-goat for all this damage. Well, I know it's hard to accept but the truth hurts. "TRICKLE DOWN" failed (BIGTIME).

    Tieguy, Can you say SURPLUS? Well, That's what we had just before Bush Jr took office and Bush Jr held office for the last eight (8) years. And Republicans had control of the congress and the senate during Bush Jr's two terms.

    Sorry, but Democrats only took control of Congress less than two years ago. but nice try. Trying to balme the Democrats just like Bush Sr tried.

    Bottom line is the same old "Tax cuts for the rich and pray for a trickle down" FAILED.

    So, If it makes you feel better you can continue to blame Congress for the failed Bush Jr and Republican Trickle down. Republicans are now blaming Sarah Palin for McCain's loss.

    Your best bet is to join the hand full of Republicans that admit they blew it and are trying to elect new party leaders

    Anyway, Like I said. 'NICE TRY" :happy-very:
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    Hoaxster you get the points. Chevauchee a tactic used during the hundred years war. Basically a cavalry raid to burn and destroy without digging in and fighting a long protracted war.

    My point is that Bushs economy was running too good for the democrats to have any hope of a presidential win. Bush with a republican congressional group had what was one of the best economies any president has ever had. All this version of liberal congress had to do was basically manage those excellent results. Live in the house the republican congress built for them and manage the economy to keep it where it was. But this group of liberal misfits let it crash and burn on historic levels never seen before. They either did so out of gross negligence or they did so on purpose to give the democratic party a better chance of winning the presidency.
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    OH MY GOD!!!! Talk about way to much Rush Limbaugh. All I can say is keep thinking this way and tell your Republican budies to keep thinking this way and I am so, so, so looking forward to an even bigger LANDSLIDE in 2012.

    Very Cool. Republicans sound despearate. I don't think they'll recover from this LANDSLIDE.
  6. RockyRogue

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    Oh, they're not desperate. Chastened, certainly. A little attitude correction never hurt anybody. You go ahead and look forward to that landslide. We have another 4 years before that happens. A lot can happen in four years, never mind a year. Keep gloating. It might come back to bite ya! -Rocky
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    Oh yeah, that big LANDSLIDE of 52%.

  8. RockyRogue

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    While I agree with you about it not being a landslide like Reagan, there was certainly a message sent. And I'm not exactly a Republican or Democrat. I like my 'fence-sitter' position :). -Rocky
  9. 1989

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    He is predicting a landslide of the economy and the stock market in 2012.
  10. mikestrek

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    I don't agree at all but LOL :happy-very:
  11. Baba gounj

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    Does that mean that the great O will do nothing until then ?
  12. tieguy

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    you don't mind if its a republican landslide do you?:happy-very:
  13. The Other Side

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    It is amazing how TIE keeps referring to the "best economy" in years..

    As people tried to tell not only the goverment (democrats) (pundits) and wall street, this booming economy that was rising under bush was nothing but a bubble.

    Housing bubble, Wall street bubble, gas bubble.

    Just like a balloon that gets filled with tooooo much air, POOF! Once it reaches it expansion point, then it explodes, thus the trickle down theory.

    10 million people unemployed now. 1.2 million jobs lost thru october and a projected 300K to go before December 31 2008 pushing unemployment to 6.9%.

    Bush has managed to lose more jobs than his father and almost as many as Ronald Reagan in his first term.

    If trickle down works, then why the contraction of business in the United States??

    Maybe if you all understood the agreements that BUSH made with the WTO that cost these americans 1.2 milion jobs over three years, then you would know how BUSH failed this country.

    Its sad when people cant admit that their political party failed in their duties to lead.

    Like someone said, GET OVER IT. 8 years of failed leadership. We tried it your way and it didnt work.
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    God you must be losing sleep over this crap...How about give the man a chance, Let him take over in office first and then if he fails we will all agree together, Until then it's just stupid to hate on the man......You just can't stand the fact that people are happy Bush is leaving office, Obama won a fair and square election, You just sound like a sore loser..Get over it
  15. av8torntn

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    Sounds exactly like the way people treated Bush when he beat Gore.
  16. mikestrek

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    I don't think I could have said it better. I call it fear and loathing. Good call. :happy-very:
  17. 1989

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    If the dems didn't cover up the criminal activity of Raines. There may never have been a housing problem, and no credit squeeze which is a big part of the contraction of business.

    Plus you have the media saying we are in a recession since January. And now business anticipating less capital in the coming years. When you add this together then people start tightining their wallet.

    Don't forget Clinton thrived on the dotcom bubble. CNBC said the other day that 70 cents on the dollar in tax cuts goes back to employees. That's big money to people and bigger money to Uncle Sam.
  18. The Other Side

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    More Rush limbaugh nonsense. The FBI on the behalf of the RNC began looking into both fannie and freddie, But the question I have for you,


    Before you call anyone a criminal, better have some proof.

    Its no big surprise some of you on this board have absolutely no clue how the mortgage industry works or the function of both fannie and freddie, but then again, you all get your news and info from the same dummies on radio and television. (FOX, RUSH, INGRAHAM, HANNITY)

    Rush and Fox news have managed to promote the most twisted facts when it comes to the housing market and its collapse.

    They have you all convinced that fannie and freddie write the mortgages themselves and knew when the loans were closed that they were "bad" loans.

    But anyone with a basic knowledge of the mortgage industry should know that this is not how its done.

    To say that Franklin Raines was the cause of the mortgage meltdown is rediculous at best. Rush has managed to convince his loyal fans of the most rediculous claims this year and OBAMA's victory proved how IRRELVENT Rush has become.

    The unfortunate part is trying to undo the damage to the people who believe things like Franklin Raines is responsible for the housing crisis.

    Secondly, this attack on the media. It strikes me that this poster blames the MEDIA for the recession rather than the facts.

    Since 2006, GDP has been shrinking every quarter, unemployment was on the rise every quarter, manufacturing in the US was shrinking every quarter, productivity was shrinking every quarter and this trend continues today.

    Currently, we are in the 17th straight month of job losses and more expected in the coming months until the unemployment rate hits 7.5% (projected by summer 2009).

    You want to blame the media when the handwriting was on the wall?

    Your problem my friends is that you wanted to believe that GW BUSH wasnt running this country into the ground, his friends on right wing radio and TV convinved you of this.

    It was all media hype was the claim by RUSH. He stated many times in 2006 and 2007 that "there was no housing bubble" and this was just the dems trying to knock the bush administration.

    But at the end of the day , who was right? RUSH & FOX?? or the Recession and unemployment that we are in?

    Yes, its a bitter pill to swallow, but BUSH jacked this country up and both FOX and Rush were WRONG, as usual.

    The media had it right, the country was headed in the wrong direction and 92% of americans agree except you and Tieguy.

    Why are you talking about clinton? Does this obsolve bush somehow??

    Why is it that the republican supporters just cant admit their party screwed the country?

    Just get it over with, stop defending their actions and move on.

    The democrats now have at least 8 years to correct the damage, and if the republicans dont somehow put their party back together, they wont see the white house or power for 16 years.
  19. RockyRogue

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    Now that, is a scary thought, friend. I think the GOP is smarter than you give it credit for and learns from mistakes better than the Democratic Party. I don't think--and I hope--that it'll be less than 16 years because I really don't want to raise my kids in a socialist USA. -Rocky
  20. tieguy

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    the point of this thread is that your liberal congress may have willfully been negligent in maintaining the excellent results bush had in place since letting the economy collapse would help their presidential candidate.

    why would they work hard to maintain Bushs results when it would mean a republican getting elected to the presidency?

    Are we to now believe that this catorstrophic congress would actually put honor and integrity over political considerations?