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    You got to hand it to this kid. He seems like he is in EVERY race. I know there is a slight improvement since DJ retired but man it seems we can't even break top 10.
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    this post ,makes absolutely NO sense.
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    I am in no way a NASCAR fan but I think he was saying that our new driver, while he is an improvement over Dale Jarrett, has been unable to post a Top 10 finish. I think he was also trying to give kudos to Denny Hamlin who seems to be competitive in every race so far this year.

    Maybe things will improve when we get Carl Edwards next year.
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    Things will not improve until we move our sponsorship out of MWR and onto a winning team.
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    It's good to know we have an expert on board to interpret what people are trying to say.
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    Very true but this is only Davids 2nd full season in Cup......And at least hes racing instead of sitting home
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    I thought DJ went to ESPN.
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    Denny Hamlin drives for Joe Gibbs Racing, one of the top teams in the sport. David Reutimann drives for Michael Waltrip Racing, one of the least successful multi-car teams in the sport. MWR has only been in the sport two years but I doubt they will ever be as successful as Joe Gibbs Racing. Most teams won't achieve that kind of success. David Reutimann is a great driver driving for a mediocre team at best. I think that UPS will be moving next year. The rumors are they will be either go to Roush Racing with Carl Edwards or the new team for Richard Childress. Their driver is up in the air but a few names that are looking next year include Tony Stewart and Martin Truex Jr. UPS will not go wrong with either of those situations.
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    You might to take a look as Jayski's
    It looks like Office Depot might want to move to MWR and the #00, which would open the door for UPS and Carl Edwards.
    Looks good to me!