Device Dissociated?

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  1. All my training on the smart scanner system consisted of walking into my shift at 420am and getting a laser with a fanny pack shoved into my hands. I wish there was a manual online for the smart scanner or that I'd actually received training on it. Over the passed couple days the bluetooth scanner disconnects itself and usually the supervisor just runs off and has me sign onto a new smart scanner. I heard that if you hit shift plus some other key the scanner fixes itself. Anyone know anything about it or if there is a manual online I can read with an faq?
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    Try control alt delete. If that doesn’t work turn it off and on again. Or hitting it.
  3. polyp

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    Shift + P1

    I think. Been a hot minute since I used one. You may need to remove and reinsert the battery on the hand scanner. In theory you should be able to hit the small button on the side of the scanner to restore the lost connect. Never actually seen that work, though.

    The scanners usually disconnect because the battery retention mechanism is a trash design. You can combat it by tightly taping it together or warping rubber bands around it. If you want to go the extra mile. I wouldn't. If they didn't train you, I wouldn't even bother with reconnecting unless you find it especially frustrating.
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    One morning I told my sup that I had a dead battery. He said he’d get me another one. He never did, I kept working. Next day center manager comes walking down the line and asks about my scan % (that was the flavor of the week at the time). Told him what happened. The next day I had a brand new scanner and the sup avoided me for days. Good times
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  5. burrheadd

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    With the old diads you could bang it on the shelf a few times and it would straighten out

    Worth a try
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    Next time that happens, throw the scanner on the floor and just load. So glad I never had to deal with that nonsense.
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    We got our Smart Scan put in a little while back. Hour to an hour and a half slower every day since then. So much for "not affecting production." :rolleyes:

    Anyway subby, try pulling and resetting the battery, and if that doesn't work then Shift - P1 is the "sync" function, like polyp said.
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    Oh yeah smart scanner, the gift that keeps on least we get now a better accuracy where the packages go.
    How many hand scanners on your location have still there original hand strip or get supplied with those? On my location nearly ALL are substitute with Duct tape...holds better then any strip.

    What? The Shelf or the DIAD? because i managed it to roll a truck over mine and it still work today like nothing happens. (DIAD V)
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  9. Active Member

    Take the scanner off. Tell your sup and just keep loading.
    Don't waste your time fooling with a scanner. That is their equipment to fix.
  10. Gottapackage4ya

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    I just wanted to tell you, your screen name, made coffee come out of my nose. That’s hilarious
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    I usually take the battery off the scanner and put it back on, wait a few minutes and it syncs back up. I’ll try that once or twice before throwing it aside and not worrying about it. Sups throw out the push for above 90% scan percentages at PCM... I always counter with well if we had enough charged, working scanners we might hit that goal lol
  12. NTGhost

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    You guys don't have Pho....ah i mean spare batterys? if it has no charge anymore sup sprinted to the loading station or even have some spare pack on him and change the thing. loaders on my center get rarely NOT 100%. the scanning has made the post operation so much easier that every sup and even center manager go ape:censored2: if this stuff don't work
  13. Jstpeachy

    Jstpeachy Active Member

    Our building doesn’t seem concerned with keeping them charged and in good working order, nor ensuring they have enough for each person- yet complain daily about scan rates. One of the many reasons this place blows my mind lol.
  14. NTGhost

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    tbh. if smart scanning used correctly it works quite well for every body, loader don't get screwedd for misloads or pph. teamleaders have overview how is best in what destination and can organize accordingly. sups can get home over an hour earlier because post op isn't that of a dumbsterfire anymore and center can pindown how the days was going for them and tweak for the next day. everybody is winning that way. because of this we have even two clerks per shift they come earlier and prepare the scanners and are responsible for switch and sending in damaged ones.
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    Have lots of Pho around here. Its good stuff.
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    If you have a fresh scanner, you do shift+P1 to sync the two devices. If your scanner disconnects, press enter to clear the error message, then remove the battery from the finger scanner and reinstall it and wait for the scanners to auto sync. If they don't auto sync after about 30-45 seconds then use shift+p1. On some scanners, all you need to do is press down firmly on the battery pack and sometimes the scanner will resync,
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