DFW Airport Day Sort Shutting Down????

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by msuspar2003, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. msuspar2003

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    I was told by my supervisor that UPS is thinking of shutting down our day sort at DFW Airport HUB. Has anyone heard anything about this? Also if they do what happens to me? Do I have to look for a new job or will they try to put me on a different sort or a different hub? If it does shut down it is suppose to be after peak season.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I hear Louisville is nice in January.:wink2:
  3. msuspar2003

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    Well I was told now that we should be told in a week or so if they will shut down the day sort. I think our sort has roughly 200+ people so I doubt everyone will be transferred.
  4. rocket man

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    I think you should quit now..... BELIVE ALL THE RUMORS NOW..... yOU ask this site .And your are there we are not ........ GET REAL be a man or woman call union ask a supervisor read your contract about hubs closing its in there.... quit now quit now. THEY will have some one in your place in a day you should quit who needs unemployment or compansation if they are really closing QUIT NOW QUIT NOW ther are so many other jobs out there quit now quit now. quit now give up the benifits you have .The pay you have.because of a RUMOR. you dont need the pay you would be making till and if they close QUIT NOW QUIT NOW.SO whats your question ?
  5. rocket man

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    Id march in and quit.......
  6. BrownEvo

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    I don't see why they are closing if they are currently hiring..
  7. msuspar2003

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    Thanks for the rude comment. Hmm yes they are hiring for peak season but the same thing happen to the night sort last year. They hired for peak and also told them it would be shutting down after peak season. You know these are peoples jobs I am talking about and rude comments are just uncalled for. geez grow up.
  8. MonavieLeaker

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    Just IMO but he wasnt being rude..Rather he was asking a question
  9. msuspar2003

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    That doesn't sound rude to you? Who said I wanted to quit anyways and it is not a rumor if it is coming from the full time building supervisors. I was basically asking if anyone else heard anything more about it and if they try to put people on different sorts or hubs if the sort shuts down? Guess it was a bad idea to even ask anything on this site.
  10. Osprey413

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    I believe the DFW Day Sort has been shut down before in the past few years. If I remember correctly the employees of the Day Sort were either offered jobs on other sorts, or offered early retirements.

    I agree that you need to talk to your supervisor and also a union rep regarding how the union will handle a shutting down a sort.
  11. rocket man

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