DHL Van crashes into pool

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  1. hr_guy

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    Has anyone seen this picture? Does anyone have it? [​IMG]

    A few months ago, the DHL driver told me they are always getting new drivers and are always down vehicles because they have a ton of accidents. Apparently one of them wound up on the net somewhere as the DHL van in florida crashed into someone's in-ground pool
  2. proups

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    Maybe he was hot?
  3. fredly00

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    yeah I saw the pictures last week..
    my ctr manager got them in an email that
    was being distributed... LOL

    took out part of a house on the way too.
  4. rushfan

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    Maybe he was DUI. Many of their drivers in our area are stoned, or drunk.
  5. yeldarb

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    what always amazes me is that they will leave their van running, with the door open, and they will be no where in sight, sometimes even if office buildings. As a driver, I have seen 3 accidents involving either an airborne express or dhl van.
  6. gman

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    I've nearly had two with an Airborne driver at the same intersection. He ran a stop sign both times and missed me by inches. I think he was trying to intimidate me but I used my superior UPS safty training to avoid a head on collision! But next time, I'm gonna take him OUT!
  7. hr_guy

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    I haven't seen a DHL guy leave the van running...only the fedex ground guy will leave his truck running and vanish.
  8. big_arrow_up

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    <font color="000000">I've seen the same DHL guy get pulled over 3 times on the interstate. He would always pass me going 80+mph when I'd be going to UPS so it didn't surprise me. I also saw him make a u-turn through the grass median on the interstate and barely slowed down to do so. I've passed him on the side of the connecting highway to that very interstate as a wrecker was hooking up to his wrecked or broke down van a couple of times. I've seen him and other DHL drivers zooming around town with a cell phone stuck to their ears while totally ignoring all traffic laws. It is because of all these things is why I wasn't surprised when I saw the picture of the van in the pool.</font>
  9. ezrider

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    Hey let's be fair. Those independent contractors have to really keep costs down whenever the opportunity presents itself. Perhaps with the recent spike in gas prices, the driver couldn't pass on the chance to get his van washed for free...[​IMG]