DIAD 4 starts Monday here

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  1. Our builing goes live on DIAD IV on Monday. Please give any suggestions on any helpful tricks or tips. We hear that it can be difficult.

    We also go live on PAS soon. The charts have not been updated in many years. We were told that "people" are coming to fix everything. Nothing has been touched so far. HELP!
  2. toonertoo

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    It is a nightmare, day 1.
    There is a toggle key, you have to actually pay more attention to the screen. And watch to make sure you have hit the key to switch from alpha to numeric. Typing in a shipper number that wont scan can be extremely agitating.

    (On ours the letter "a" seems to be a problem as either where it is located or if its just a fluke. )

    Its no fun at first, and only 2 buttons turn it back on, instead of any key. Theres really no good way to learn it, except doing it. Also the sig key is right where everyone wants to grab it, and messes it all up. and the pen is hard for people to find, some days I just keep it in my pocket where I used to. Good luck.
  3. local804

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    We have been on it for almost 3 years now. There is one bit of advice I can give you that will save you alot of time and grief. Follow trace! It will save gas and cut down on miles, guaranteed!
  4. bigbrown.uk

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    my center in the uk has been onit for 1yr and some people still have trouble with it and they crash alot and to reboot then on the road we have to press axk at the same time :confused:1:confused:1:confused:1
  5. hoser

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    i've seen a prototype because we are still on III. i like its build a lot. with respect to the sig key, if you hold it the right way when passing it off, it won't be pressed by accident.
  6. rushfan

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    PAS and DIAD 4, well not DIAD 4,-the reason I chose feeder
  7. 71chevy

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    Big Brown has succeeded in making our jobs even more difficult with these two new implementations. You will get used to the relooping of areas and the PAS/EDD, but that diad 4 is still a hand full even after a couple of years. Good luck.
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    You are seriously are being facetious, right.:w00t:
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    that is correct :)
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    Ahhh I remember it like it was yesterday.... when they introduced PAS in our building about 3 years ago they brought us in for a meeting where some maroon manager told us that our package cars would be loaded stop for stop, there would be no more misloads and we could all do 10 more stops a day because we would not have to set up load or search for packages. What a complete joke. They said they were taking the thinking out of the preload job and any preloader could load any car on the blind. Well I have at least 5 TO 10 misloads a week that are at least 15 to 20 miles off my route as my truck is not loaded near any of the towns im near. The preload does not check if pal label matches pkg label. Also wait till you type a message to the center and realize you didint hit the abc key, or the customer hits the sig key with their thumb and says to you "duh sometings wrong with this..." good luck....:crying:
  11. UPSTSG

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    My hint is to keep the Diad in alpha mode all the time. If you need to type numbers hold down the toggle key and type them, when you let go you will still be in alpha mode. The drivers in my centers seem to prefer it. Good luck.
  12. Harry Manback

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    You can say that again, the worst is when you have 30 boxes for a pharmaceutical rep., goin into a storage unit, and not one label scans...ugh...and of course the shipper number has an "e" or an "f" in it....:cursing:
  13. outamyway

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    Goodluck! I was lucky enough to start with the DIAD 4, although I trained with the DIAD 3, about a year ago, and I still have trouble with it.

    As for the PAS system, the PAL label can cause a lot of problems with misloads. If your loaders and unloaders stay relatively the same during the process. It shouldn't be to bad.

    I've used ED before, it is nice but not always perfect. Communication is the key. Hopefully the sups will listen.
  14. govols019

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    I liked the DIAD II. I want my red stylus back!!!!!!!!
  15. rushfan

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    DIAD 1 was Awesome. Better yet, when we actually sheeted packages.
  16. SmithBarney

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    Yup absolutely.. I shared this with my co-workers and saves a ton of time.
    HOLD it punch 123(or whatever) enter, then arrow down to find your next streets(if your not on PAS, which I wasn't when I left) In fact they are still not on PAS... and they are still looking for full time drivers... LOL next contract better concentrate on cost of living more specifically.. guys are dropping left and right...
  17. steelheader69

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    Well, I'd only want paper back if we were allowed to bypass the 1Z and do the trusty 6 digit shipper number and 3 digit ID (or weight). Could you imagine doing a bulkstop with all those 1Z's???? Ughhhhh.

    I don't mind the Diad 4. But I've always been good about picking things up quickly. I know I was one of the first drivers to get a Diad I when it was only handed to a couple people. Had no problem with it. Same with II and III. Yeah, I do hate the new PAS system and the assist labels. What I hate more is the labeling people who put the label OVER the barcode. SHEESH. Then they can print out a new barcode if the label doesn't scan. Well, so far, they've reprinted ones that DO scan, but won't reprint ones that WON'T scan. Yeah, I know those medical packages. Hate seeing them, you can just see the missing lines in the barcode.
  18. diesel96

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    Been using DIAD IV with the EDD System for a couple years now,you'll get used to it just like any other DIAD in the past.As long as your area trace is up to date and sequenced in order to the way you like to run your route.It does cut down on package selection time. The EDD system is a glorified high tech pre-recording program for the DIAD.

    The bad news is your route will increase 15 to 30 stops on average.As if were not maxed out to begin with.Our bodies are not designed to work any faster than we already are,and our pkgs arent getting any lighter.So get ready for some more overtime.

    The good news is the scanner works better than the previous DIADS,it's lighter,holds its own stylus,all keys are illuminated in the dark.

    The bad news is, it has a letter to numeral toggle key, ,people can't find the stylus.When they finally do find the stylus ,after they sign the DIAD, they forget how to put it back.And it doesn't protect you against dogs as well as the bigger DIADS.

    Our bldg also installed GPS into the DIADs ,you must be within approx 275 yards to the address of the pkg you scan,or the DIAD will flip out with warning tones.This is to let you know of miss-deliveries.There's also color codes in the DIAD screen(green)means your within range of your address(Red)means your out of range of your stop,and that will show up on your manager's report.So becareful,no more scanning Next Day Air pkgs unless your close to your address.And becareful of going off area on your lunch hour.

    Remember Big Brother will be watching you.CYA
  19. old levi's

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    Excellent advice. This is the best way to work the toggle key.
  20. toonertoo

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    Thanks UPSTSG, Im going to try that on Monday, sounds like it will work well. Never thought about it :excl: