Diad 6= heavy overtime


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customers still paying nda prices for pkgs to be delivered by end of day smh
Yes but end of next day after shipping vs. sometime next week with ground. We don’t usually get on the road until 1130, really hard to have NDA commit. Frankly in some of my more back woods areas they are just happy I deliver to them at all….the Post Office sure won’t 🤣🤣

Having said that when I Re-Orionize my route every day I’ll prioritize an NDA to my busInness cust example I have a small engine repair shop they found vendors who ship ups NDA to them I will do all possible to make my route work to put their stop in the early part of trace. In turn my customer who owns this growing small business can get a job done for his customer a day earlier.

But it’s way easier to do that sort of thing with a mostly country route 50-75 stops and generally less that 100 pkgs.