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    It looks like there have been some problems with the new BF field on the Collection Entry screen. BF is for Brokerage Fees, not CODs. COD amounts are entered just like before, always in the COD field. The only time there is an entry in the BF field is when you see a Brokerage Fee prompt with the amount to be collected. This prompt only shows when a package coming from outside the country is being delivered with Brokerage Fees due, which is actually pretty rare. So bottom line, no Brokerage Fee prompt-- no brokerage fee (BF) entry.

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    I don't know why they even bothered with that. I remember exactly 2 packages in my 7 years driving that needed a brokerage fee. To change the diad for such a rare occasion is stupid.

    Plus...whats the deal with the training "videos" on the diad now. The first day they upgraded the Diad 4 we were in a pcm for 15 minutes looking at those cartoons

    If management has that much time on their hands and money to throw away, I could give them some better ideas
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    I guess it goes to show that opinions vary on issues.

    I've spoken with many drivers that really liked the videos and the possibilities for the future.....

    I guess I never viewed it as "thowing away time" for management to think about how to better communicate.

    As far as the BF field goes, that was not done well.

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    How would you rather see it? Just saying it sucks is only going to cause the people who designed it poorly in the first place to take another stab at it.
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    What ways would you like to see training for new DIAD releases? Do you prefer paper handouts or training videos in the DIAD? PCMs or no PCMs? Or just no training what so ever? Should it be posted on UPSers.com? Just asking honest questions, maybe somebody is listening.
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    :thumbup1: I was getting quite used to the old way, just implement it and let the drivers figure it out on thier own.
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    Do you know that if your DIAD stops making sounds you can fix it by holding the A, K and X keys down until the screen scrolls sideways.
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    in the big city we have lots of pkgs with brokearage fees , it just makes it easier for the border line retards they have working in the offices:lol: BC...(not Big City)
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    OMG is that true?

    That would have been awesome to know. It is sooo annoying when it dosen't make sound.

    i didn't realize how much I relied on the sound!

    good tip!
  10. The Brown Santa

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    So does banging it on a hard object. No BS....
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    Here's a tip. When the diad displays 20% capacity, you have exactly 15 minutes left before you go to paper. :mad:
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    Because now that it's in your diad, you can't refuse to sign off on your training anymore..... :wink:
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    What keys do I need to press to get my mother-in-law to stop making sounds?
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    Only triggers can do that..... :laugh:
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    What proves that you watched the training. DIAD's are not password protected. ANy body could have punched someone in and watched the training without you ever knowing besides that you were punched in.

    Why is that supervisors, managers and specialists have to log-in to company systems but we has drivers just have big arrow up. Are our records just has important has their records.
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    Turning the Keypad Backlights On

    To conserve battery power the DIAD IV keypad backlight has been turned off. The keypad backlight are the low green lights that illuminate the keys. (This is not to be confused with the DIAD screen backlight.) A manual key sequence can turn the keypad backlight on and off for after dark and peak. To toggle the keypad backlight on or off, press the Alpha Toggle key twice and then the Cycle key twice. Remember, after a DIAD restart the keypad backlight is turned back off.
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    Paper handouts and a walk through pcm with the video.

    On a different note, the old DIADs had a red light that could be turned on (I'm guessing for night time covert deliveries). Can the new DIADs have a white led light implemented for night time use.

    I have a mini white led light velcroed to my diad, and it really helps me to see my walk path at night. I don't have to fumble with a big bulky flashlight, the diad, and the package.

    Just my constructive dissatification (2 cents) at work here.
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    Who wants to hang around for 15/20 minutes while management trys to teach all drivers the new upgrade, I would rather have the video, and train myself.

    They make the black belt/pants clip or the pouch for your your diad, that way your hands are free to hold a flashlight/pkgs.

    Anyway just my two cents.:wink:
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  20. browned_out

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    I would rather get paided out on the route watching the video, some guys just drag out the pcm with question after question. As far as the flashlight, I use a full size maglite and I put it in the diad 3 holder, works great. You have to be kidding about the sales lead, what a bunch of turds, a tool to make your job easier and they try to bribe you for it. F-them, let me know were you are and I'll send you one-FREE:biggrin: