Did anyone go to the Local 804 meeting with Teamsters on Sunday ?


No one wants to talk about local 804`s meeting in New York ? Man i can`t believe no one has any thing to put in here about the meeting ?


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I am so disgusted with our locals handling of this issue. We still have yet to receive any facts from them. I have already received 3 letters from UPS and 1 from local 447 explaining the reasons for the pension decrease, yet nothing from 804. If 804 has been as inept at managing the pension as they have been with the annuity we are in trouble. Lets see, board members entitled to 3 pensions + a matched 401k, avg salary 100+k , too many perks to list. Yeah we're disgusted Howie... Pat how's the Hummer? Time the members took control back, our 'leaders' have no clue whats going on.