Did Terrorists Win The War???

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by quebec_driver, Sep 12, 2006.

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    I was sitting thinking on the past 5 years since 9-11, I came to the conclusion that the terrorist did win the battle if not the war, they have changed the way the world sees itself. As a Canadian I see it a the border , in the attitude of border guards on both sides, There is a level of fear I did not see in the past, we have change the way we do small things, I am more suspicious of what is around me...In 1916 Lenin stated that the object of terrorism is to terrorize. I submit Al-quaeda has terrorized us into a new way of life...
  2. DS

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    It aint over yet QD.
    Recently the Pope spoke that the prophet Mohammed was wrong in saying the muslim way was the only way, even through conversion by violence.Now us westerners know the Popester is right because violence in relgion is just wrong.The Muslims reacted by burning an effigy of him . Radical Muslims that believe they will someday rule the world are misguided fools.Intimidation by violence is destined to fail from the beginning.
  3. tieguy

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    The biggest threat to us is the suppression of freedoms in the middle east. Many muslims are not exposed to the west or people from the west in any way. They are kept in the dark and when their religious leader tells them they should be outraged they are. As long as these muslims are so sequestered and so gullible so will they be what they really are which is anti world.
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    My premise was that due to the changes we have all gone through since 911 the terrorists have won a major battle in their war. I see it in how people react, how they now travel the security measures implemented since 911. talk of a wall between The US and Canada...If a politician burps, it`s a terrorist attack. we have become paranoid as a group...
    But you are right the fight is not over yet...
  5. DS

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    Lets figure out how to get these people out of the dark ages.
    In a bid to stop the atrocities that come from years and years
    of outdated tradition (female genital mutilation,chopping off hands,etc...)we need to get a laptop to every new kid
    born over there.Maybe they`ll get hooked on E-bay and realize
    us Americans are not as evil as they were led to believe.
    Authentic BURKA for sale,blue,left arm missing...lets just send
    all our old computers there...they will get hooked
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    I understand your point and when it comes to someone like Osama and Al Queda or Saddam I can understand the military solution in confronting that element but how do you change what is in essense religious tradition and dogma for these people? How would you change a system that as you put it, has the people totally dependent on the thoughts and directions of the religious leaders? Just for the sake of discussion and ideas, if you were given this task how would you solve it or where would you even start? Looking forward to your thoughts.
  7. tieguy

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    Same way you do it in the bible thumping heartland of america. Expose them to the west and their ways. Run those cable lines and satellite antennas in and give them some exposure to other views. There have to be some moderate muslims that we can give air times to. Run some movies and documentaries that show those conservative islamist for all their evil.

    Hell if the free press and hollywood can undermine the morality of this country then it should be able to do the same in the middle east.
  8. Jones

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    I'm not sure about that approach. Despite all our cable lines and satellite antennas a significant number of people in this country still believe that the human race was created by a magical being in his secret garden, the earth is less than 10,000 years old, and that as soon as the apocalypse comes all the "good people" will be taken to heaven in the rapture. They believe this despite clear scientific (and well published) evidence to the contrary, for no other reason than that is what it says in their holy book. Islamist mullahs are just as capable of using mass communication as evangelical christians.

    I do think that education is key though, and mass communication certainly plays a part in that. What can't be ignored either is the grinding poverty that exists in many Arab countries. Happy, successful, educated people generally make poor candidates for the jihad recruiters. Reduce their supply of ready recruits and you reduce their ability to fight. I don't think we will ever "win" the war on terror, any more than we will ever win the war on drugs. What we can do is reduce the threat to a level where, for all intents and purposes, it no longer plays an important part in our lives.

    I'm curious about your statement that the free press is undermining morality in this country. Were you just being tongue in cheek, or do you really think we would be better off without a free press?
  9. tieguy

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    Hmm interesting argument. Clear scientific proof on what happened millions of years ago? Its real simple jones. Create life from a lump of clay and I will burn my bible. For to have clear scientific proof on this subject you have to be able to create life from a lump of clay. Until you do the "secret garden" theory makes a heck of a lot more sense.
  10. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    Whoah, easy there Tie. I would never ask you to burn your bible, there's a lot of good stuff in there. I'm just happy that you are willing to consider that "something" did in fact happen millions of years ago. I was talking specifically about the age of the earth as ascertained by radiometric dating (4.5-5 billion years, give or take) versus the "young earth creationist" belief that the earth is no more than 10k years old, and by extension, men and women were created in their current form somewhere in that timeframe.

    You set a high standard for science (create life from a lump of clay if you want to convince me), and there's nothing wrong with that. I wonder if you set the bar quite as high for your religious beliefs?
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    religion should not be seen as the reason for this war, every religion preaches peace love and understanding...I beleive that any religion is good it helps differentiate between good and bad... the people pushing the buttons are twisting religious beliefs to their ends... No God advocates the taking of life... no matter if you are in the cyberage or not taking a life is wrong... I believe the goal of any war is the lust of power someone wants to be top dog and he won`t be happy until he barks the loudest...
  12. tieguy

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    Indeed I do. There has never been anything wrong with the message of God only with mans interpretation.

    With respect to the sciences I find their pursuit very interesting and have always done so. In debunking the various religions turning a lump of clay into a living breathing lifeform is the one clear obstacle.
    How was life created from nothing. How was such a complex organism with the many billions of genetic strands created. The more I study science and learn just how complex the various life forms on this earth are the more I believe we had to have some creationism taking place somewhere.

    So while some use science to debunk religion i find it helps me realize that creating life out of a lump of coal is impossible without the intervention of some higher intelligence.
  13. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    With respect to the original question I believe we are playing on their field and losing badly.

    Back to jones question while a free press is an important check and balance its also what helps undermine our support in these conflicts.
    With a free press as powerful as it is we should probably adopt a passive position on world politics. We can't possibly hope to win any conflict that takes more than six months since our free press will eventually errode whatever support we have.

    Perhaps thats good. Perhaps our disgust with war in HD will make us less aggressive in the world arena.
  14. moreluck

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    Try keeping all those planets bouncing around up there too.....:)
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    We aren't losing against the terrorists but we are definately not EVER going to get rid of them all. The main thing that is hindering the war on terror is the very same thing that is slowly responsible for ruining our country.....POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. I'm sick of people saying "Radical Islam" instead of just calling out Islam in general. I'm sick of people apoligizing and catering to them every time they are offended. I say screw them. We can't screen them for security because of political correctness. We can't fight a war against them because of political correctness. We can't even interrogate the prisoners without catching hell. And the sad part is that it's Americans that get all upset. People like the ACLU and liberal press are too worried about making these throat cutters feel uncomfortable and could care less that the Arabs want us dead. They don't seem to understand that that includes them. While they raise hell over the military taking pictures of prisoners the throat cutters are kidnapping people and cutting their heads off while they are still alive and not only taking pictures of it but video as well. And our media and the ACLU get pissed because a GI takes a picture of a prisoner with a dog barking at him?!?!?!? The ACLU and liberal political correctness are more dangerous than the terrorists. In a sense America's worst enemy is it's own policys.
  16. quebec_driver

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    the term is ISLAMO-FACICST
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Screw that. It's just Islam in general. The Pope was right on. It is a religion spread by the sword. Islam is an angry, violent religion and they prove that point EVERY day. As soon as he maid the comments they got violent and have threatened him directly. Religion of piece??? LOL. More like the religion of pieces.
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    The popes controversy does highlight the problems with the islamist. i do believe they act as ignorant savages. Their priest tells them to beat theirselves they beat theirselves. He tells them to riot they riot. He tells them to become Martyrs and thus they become.

    Now if they would stop and think for one second and ask theirselves why is this guy asking me to do something he won't do himself? then things could change.

    Perhaps we should start running public service commericals in the middle east:

    " When your mullah tells you to blow yourself up in a public square ask him to show you how its done"

    "When your mullah tells you there are 40 virgins waiting for you on the other side ask him if he has any pictures. Or perhaps someone who came back from the dead you can talk to first"

    "Ask yourself why your god would reward you for blowing up innocent women and children"
  19. hoser

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    They're definately winning. We're freaking out when Jewish men pray before takeoff on flights, we insist that two Arabic men talking amongst each other are "acting suspiciously", we do emergency landings when an ipod gets flushed down a lav, terrorism is always considered a cause in any fire flood or mechanical failure, we rely on coloured alerts, and toothpaste and shampoo are banned from flights, and many people hate of Islam, seeing it as a religion of hate, without even having even read the Quran, let alone being able to define what a "sura" or "inshallah" means.

    This is a society gone mad, paranoid, and asinine.

    You are stupid to believe the terrorists aren't winning "the war"
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  20. hoser

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    You got "maid" mixed up with "made" and "piece" with "peace". You are from Tennessee and work for UPS. You have no right to have an opinion of Islam. There is no doubt you never read the Quran (and suras like "The Children of Israel", "Peace Makers Rewarded" in sura 42) yet you form these ridiculous opinions based on what you see on CNN.

    Don't hold strong opinions on things you clearly do not understand.

    Just as ignorant, but your diction and spelling aren't at a grade 4 level. I suggest you inform yourself on the Quran rather than forming opinions around wolf-blitzer and the crap on CNN that they play to fire up the rednecks in the republican states. You reject Islam because it's not what you're used to. You're used to anglosaxon christianity. Try to get both sides of contentious issues than taking the easy way out and saying we should run public service commercials of hate. In 40 years, we're going to laugh at how ignorant and stupid your type were. Remember the cold war?