Did you vote for Ann M. Livermoren for the BOD?

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    Who was it that "destroyed" HP?

    I ask because that's pretty universally attributed to Carly Fiorina.

    It's not an accurate portrayal - primarily because the events that ultimately caused major difficulties at HP were set in place when Carly Fiorina was (very successfully and happily) employed at AT&T, and later at Lucent.

    She wasn't even employed at HP (for another decade or so) when they set the trap that'd cause problems later.

    Just like UPS, BTW. A lot of things that are causing major problems today are issues that were instigated back under Kelly and Nelson, IMO.

    Organizational dynamics - it's an interesting spectator sport now that you don't have anything better to do.

    At any rate, Ann Livermore has had a very successful career and is widely well-regarded by peers in her industry that have actually worked with/for her and been involved with projects she ran.

    That has NOT changed to my knowledge.

    Who did you vote *against* and why?

    I think that'd be an interesting disclosure on several levels.
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    Shows what I know.