Diesel Fumes and Lung Cancer...

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    Everything in the entire world can give you lung cancer.........
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    Good discussion point so I copied it to this forum "Health and Medical Topics".

    In UPS automotive shops, there are hoses that go over the tailpipes of diesel vehicles and ported to the outside.
    How about the habit of parking diesel tractors inside in cold weather?
    I always hated when a driver would start up a tractor inside for 5 minutes or more before taking it outside.
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    Exactly problem is We actually know what cancer is now and people are living much longer than before so more people will get it. Same with Alzheimer's it's not that suddenly a ton more people have it it's that people just use to die before they showed any symptoms.
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    You would hate my center. We don't have those hoses that the bigger hubs and centers have. It seems if you have upper management in your center, you have more advanced safety mechanisms in place. Go figure.
  6. Our building(medium hub) is a zero-idle policy. I would imagine this is so company wide. This has been the policy for years. Following policy generally is helpful and ahem, clears the air.....
  7. Please note these "hoses" are in the automotive shop, not in the building. A zero idle policy helps and staggered leave times help also. It could be better and should.