Difficulty contacting UPS retirement center

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  1. A few years back, you could actually speak with a live person about your retirement. A printed booklet was sent out every year with your date and benefits. You now have to apply via internet. THEY WILL NOT SPEAK WITH YOU. My trouble is just getting logged on. The codes and such sent to me don't work. You get 3 tries and you're locked out. Thus, no one to speak to, can't get logged on. I really just want the exact day I'm elligible. The only way seems to be to apply(in writing) and then cancel. Stupid, but since they are unwilling to speak with me on the phone.....
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    ...when you go to work on Monday ask your HR person if he/she can help you. That person should be able to make one phone call and get all of the information that you need. Granted, you and I should be able to do the same, but...
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    Do you mean the pension office? Just go down there and talk to someone, people do it here all the time.
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    I have a feeling WTR is under the UPS Pension Plan, not a Teamster plan.
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    HR person? haven't seen one since the day I was hired. His office was over 100 miles away from my center...
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    It is pretty much a self-serve model now.
    Contact your HR person, if you can find them, but they deal with operational exceptions/cases and hiring (maybe).
    You pretty much have to deal with a non-UPS person on the other end of the phone these days.
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    Anybody got the phone number or web address? I'm off next week and I just might try to get through.
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    Our HR person covers two centers about 90 miles apart---she is in our center 3 out of 5 days each week.
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    Start running 2, 2 1/2 hrs over each day, and UPS will make sure you have access to what ever information you need to retire. Lot's of luck, hope your able to get out soon.