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    I know the union pays for 26 weeks of disability. A coworker told me that Metlife has a policy that pays after the first 26 weeks if you are unable to go back to work. He said he knows another driver that was out for a year. Has anyone else heard of this? I haven't.:confused:1
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    In the 2002 Contract, Disability coverage was added to provide full-time employees with Disability benefits after 26 weeks for a period of I believe five years at a rate of 500.00 per week
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    I've heard of that. Got something in the mail about it (from UPS). I don't know the details, maybe call HR?

    I'll see if I still have it.
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    OK, Disney, It's called the UPS National LTD Plan. Here's the cover letter:

    Sorry, I'm just a stupid truck driver, can't do it! (Unskilled, uneducated, etc)

    Anyhow, it comes with a large book describing it. I'll PM you the phone number for info from Metlife.

    I could probably EMail you the cover letter if you PM me your EMail add.
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    You add that to my own personal disability insurance coverage and I could get hurt and receive a raise in pay. :lol:
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    :thumbup1: see art 34 national contract language:wink: work till you are 5 yrs from age that u need to retire and gain a "dissablity" :punk: BC
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    If you want met life video taping your every move.
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    LTD came into affect here in aug.2005
    Right now im out on STD and within 60days of that ending I know I have to send out forms to metlife to be approved for the LTD. They can deny you if you come up short on those days..

    Ive heard theyre a real pain in the ass to deal with and they try not to pay you anything...As for me i just want the health coverage to be covered...