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    Recent events in Calgary and Alberta had me pondering how many people have had natural disasters around them and what were they? Your experiences with them?

    We just had a windstorm hit Saturday. It killed a 2 year old girl in downtown Calgary when a piece of sheet metal from a construction site flew off the roof and struck her. In Camrose at the Big Valley Jamboree their main stage collapsed killing 1.

    I was sitting by the computer (shocking) and noticed the trees almost bent right down. I went outside and just kind of stood on the balcony since never really saw gushing that bad before. According to the papers it was 120kph.

    The other natural event I had was The Ontario Ice Storm of '98. I think I was in grade 8 or 9 at the time. It was pretty cool actually. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_Storm_1998 There's a link explaining it.

    My folks and I lived in the burbs surrounded by trees. All you could hear was the ice breaking trees and branches. Our laneway was half out of use do to a tree laying down in it. The streets were so thick of ice kids were skating on them. I'm sure DS remembers this also as Toronto was hit hard too like we were in Ottawa.

    We were out of hydro for 10.5 days. My folks slept on the pull out sofa during that time to keep the fire place going constantly. It was really weird because in Ottawa half a street would be out of hydro but the other half (literally right across the street) would have hydro. So people were eatting meals across the street constantly. We had the army come in and dorm at our school gym.

    The army was great. If you needed something you hung a ribbon outside your door and they'd come and ask what supplies was needed. We had a nifty (completely illegal) hitch up to our fire place where we had a wood stove going into our fireplace. So pretty much a fire place using the chimney of another fire place. During this time we were trying to get a generator (my dad mostly wanted it for construction use) since home depot was selling them at cost. We were something 3000 on the waiting list and got it about the third day. They had generators coming from as far as Florida.

    Of course, you had the bad part too where people were stealing generators (and reselling them) and everyone was told to lock it up even though people were still going and cutting the locks. You had some hotels charging triple amount because they had hydro.
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    Northridge earthquake, wildfires every year. California is a great place to grow up.
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    Every freaken winter is a natural disaster here, fighting minus 50 degrees with windchills and blizzards.

    But, besides that, I was in my late teens 18, maybe 19, went thru an earthquake in Stuttgart, Germany.
    Thought at first someone was shaking me to wake up.
    But, then heard all these people outside, kind of screaming, or shouting.
    I woke up, my bed was shaken. I said the hell with it. I'm staying in bed.
    And thats what I did. The quake lasted only a few minutes. No damage. The center of it,was about 70miles away.

    I guess I kinda survived the Tchernobyl Nuclear Incident, while living in Germany. I was working for the city dairy back then.
    Milk was tested for radioactivity, and we couldn't sell any for weeks.
    200-300 employess basically out of work for the time being.
    Vegetables and fruit were also affected.
    Couldn't get any of that in the grocery stores.
    Nothing fresh at all.
    Everything was contaminated.

    My brother lost his home in 1987 in the Edmonton Tornedo. Lucky for him and his girlfriend, they decided to go for a beer after work. Or they wouldn't be alive today.

    I did save 3 lives in my lifetime though. And oddly enough, all while I was a kid.
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    Ice Storm of 1998

    Blizzard of 1978

    My 15 year marriage.:wink2:
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    My mother's funeral was the day that hit.
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    8 years of Bush
  7. fethrs

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    Add that plus the earthquaki in LA in 70 or 71
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    The Chicago flood of '92.
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    Gigli , starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. 10 more minutes and I would have been a goner
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    Blizzard of 78
    Jimmy Carter
    Bill Clinton
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    1. 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake- I was getting settled with beer and my buddies
    for the A's and Giants World Series and BAM, shaking, rattling and rolling.

    2. George Bush first term

    3. George Bush second term
  13. hurricanegunner

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    8 inches of rain in 90 minutes, several hurricanes, and more Jim Kelly videos than I can count.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    May 11, 1970 tornado. 26 people killed, over $250 million(1970 dollars) in property damage, entire neighborhoods leveled.
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    I am living thru the browns pre-season game right now and I don't think I will be at work on monday because of what I am witnessing....
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    Interesting thread mike, triplnkl is in the lead for real disasters when so much is lost .Yes mike that ice storm in '98 was something to remember.
    They called us off the road at 3PM...it took me 3 hours to get back to the centre.Then the Tedious drive home passing about 50 dead honda civics in my '84 oldsmobile cutless supreme.I know what you mean about people helping people in times of trouble,but disasters make us realize how fragile things can be when mother nature and life itself goes awryry.
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    A major tornado


    Ice Storm

    A few minor earthquakes
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    PAS/EDD and Telematics.
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    disaster? Man that's the greatest thing since the DIAD.