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    I ODS'd the center that I was missing a package. It was a send again from the day before, which had a service cross on pkg. The package got mixed up in my send agains and was found by a supervisor as I was offloading pkgs to clerk. It was an honest mistake, however I was fired for dishonesty. What can I expect? Please give me some info, I'm worried I'll loose a lot of time and money or worse ... Without a job..
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    I do not have an answer for you. I will say that in order to be successful at driving, you have to be organized. I utilize the first empty space in the truck to put my send agains. Once I am done delivering I transfer the send agains to the 1000 shelf. Mistakes happen and if you have a clean track record I am sure all will be ok. If you have a record of burying missloads and missed pieces, you may be SOL.
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    If you're telling the truth and you're generally a good driver then you should be fine. The fact that the package was "found" by a supervisor however means that supervisor was looking for it, which likely means they thought you had the package all along. For some reason.
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    You didn't intend to deceive so you'll be out a few days or weeks and get your job back. UPS has pulled this "label it dishonesty" crap on just about everything. Forgetting something is not dishonesty. My guess its in retaliation for some other happy horsesheet you've been up to.

    Smarten up.
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    "Got mixed up in my send agains??" How many send agains do you have on a typical day? If I have two or more that is a lot.

    As was said above your sup must have had a reason to do a check-in audit on your car.
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    Your work/discipline history plays a part, but if you sent a message to the center saying you were missing it and then it was found then their is no dishonesty that will stick (unless you only had 1 or 2 send agains). Having said that, they will probably try and offer to give you a small suspension time and bring you back to work.
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    There is a route I run that has a large no DR area I can have 40-60 send agains easy on this route. Put it in a 700 and stuff can get mixed up easy.
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    40-60 send agains? Really? Where in the hell do you deliver?
  9. brownmonster

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    Apparently doesn't do much delivering.
  10. menotyou

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    When you go out with 180 stops, of which all have to be signed for, it's easy to get lots of send agains. Apparently, you don't deliver to an army base.
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    First of all it was a send again, that means someone didn't remove it from the truck, so that the send again would of been loaded the next day...or the package could of fallen off a shelf and landed in the send again pile... that could of happen...anything is possible on any giving day with this job....Nature of the beast, not your fault...
  12. Dragon

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    Guess he missed the "delivery" part in the job description...:wink2:
  13. Dracula

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    A lot of you guys sound like you've never heard of big city driving, especially lower income areas. I used to deliver in a big city, with many big apartment buildings where office's wouldn't take packages for residents. Also, DR's can be very dicey in low-income areas. Some routes routinely had 20-40 send agains a day.
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    First, and FOREMOST, you notify the union and file a grievance, as in, YESTERDAY!

    Next, sit in on all meetings, local, state, national, whatever you have to do to persuade UPS, and union, by the way, that you want your job!

    Next, and I hope your local is aware of this and follows thru, there are two types of grievances, as has been stated here before:

    1) When you file for contract violation, the burden of proof is on YOU and the union.

    1) When you file a grievance for discipline or are disciplined, the burden of proof is on UPS. What does that mean? In your case, UPS has to PROVE
    you were intentionally dishonest and stuffed this S/A. Their word or the word of a supervisor is not enough.

    For more details, wait here. You're gonna get about 5,236 different details and ways to handle it.

    Long story short...get ahold of union now and be aggresive in filing and following up.
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    We had a driver in my center fired for that very thing earlier this year. He brought back an unscanned piece that he mixed up in his pickups and they canned him for it. He was fired on Thursday, and was back on the job by Monday. Not sure if yours will be QUITE that quick, but, as others have said if your history is pretty clean you SHOULD get your job back pretty quickly
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    This dishonesty language has alot fo grey areas. They are trying to throw out this specific language in the next contract.
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    A couple of the routes I know are 90 percent No DR some days you get over 30 send agains.
  18. Bubblehead

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    If you had employment insurance you would lose some sleep, but not money.
    I can help if we talk before you get fired.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You need to go back to Pittsfield.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The OP sent in the 1Z as missing, finds the package and rather than make service decides to bury it in with the send agains. Supervisor just happens to do a check-in audit, "missing" pkg is found, driver is terminated. I don't think I would want to be associated with any product that protects against such dishonesty.

    I was asked to help a driver one day. He gave me a residential section to deliver, we transferred data between DIADs, I delivered the work only to find he had not given me one package. I sent in the 1Z (it was for a QVC Queen) and figured he would run it off on his way back to the center. The center manager figured the same so when the pkg showed as undelivered they did a "random" check-in audit of his car. Found the pkg buried in his pickups. I think he was given a one-day suspension over that one.

    The OP will be offered a suspension, time served, no back pay, back to work as early as Monday.