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    So last night at work my part-time supervisor who tries to run me around like a rented mule moves me to my 4th different trailor in the unload in a 10 minute time frame. We have a good enough rapport, I don't really have a problem with the guy and tonight a culmination of things built up and after he told me to move trailors again, right after I just got into the 3rd trailor I light-heartedly said "F-You" to him as I was on my way. Next thing I know he gets serious gets up in my face, puffs out his chest and says "what did you say?" and I calmly say "F-You" and walk toward the newest destination (down-time trailer of course).

    So as the shift is wrapping up I thought I would apologize and explain to him why I'm :censored2:. Instead of listening to anything I had to say he was acting belligerent and having none of it. So I said whatever and swiped out.

    What do you think managements going to say to me tomorrow?
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    They might just f-you up.
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    Had you stopped after the first one you would probably be OK but to pause and then deliver the second one---I think you need to update your resume.
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    lol, update my resume.

    Its funny, I was going put a disclaimer on here that I didn't want your opinion because you seem to get too much enjoyment out of reading what your write.

    Anywho, I don't know about your building, but in my place what I did isn't a blip on the radar. We have employees getting their jobs back for threatening supervisors and other employees, getting in fights and all sorts of other nonsense.
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    Zags, sounds like your barn is a total fluster cuck. Threatening, nonsense and fights? Positive attitude on both sides could fix this. Live is too short.
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    If your job is to just unload,who cares !! Just go to the trailer he wants you in. It's the same as the other trailers ,just cardboard!! Work as directed !!!
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    Are there any witnesses? If not its he said, she said..
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    Do you do your job? I bet you do.

    Don't worry about it, if they fired everyone who swears in the building nobody would be left to do the work.
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    You might get a write up ur pulled into an office somewheres. Demand steward at all times during both. Explain the situation to both. If he's harassing you to work harder, or that he got in your face then threaten to file, you should have 10 days to do so. I mean, theres so much dirt going around in your building, as in mine and others, that this doesnt even seem presentable.

    Theres been people who have gotten into fights and were back within 5 days. Someone, recently, got on a moving belt and rode it all the way down to the charge slide, SCREAMING bloody murder, they were back in two days. Someone actually had a melt down here last peak, started calling minorities racial slurs, back within a month. So, what you did is a sneeze in the world of UPS.
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    I love swearing at work, I do it in a comical sort of way. Like retort lines from full metal jacket, or tell people to stop giving out reach arounds. Swearing relieves stress as well. I say, go for it, its not like us warehouse workers deal with customers.
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    I thought this was going to be something serious. Part Time sups say ":censored2: you" to union workers all shift by treating most sub human. The better workers can go toe to toe with any sup and the only one facing discipline will be the supervisor. They can't maintain good workers long enough to toss someone who blows up 4 hours into their daily workout. Upstate, truly disconnected from the happenings inside. I wonder why?
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    ...and hourlies wonder why management doesn't respect them?

    Swearing is one thing. Jokingly telling a supervisor to F* off and then pausing and telling him to his face to F* off would guarantee your walking papers in my bldg.

    We had a preloader walked out of the bldg this morning. She had taken pictures of load conditions of inbound trailers and was showing them to a co-worker when the preload sup happened to walk by and saw her doing this. He asked her what she was doing and she at first denied everything but eventually confessed. She them mentioned something about egress and notifying OSHA. She'll be back after a mini unpaid vacation.
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    The only witness of it is one of my good buddies down there.
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    Its a two way road in regards to respect.

    She'll get her job back if your BA is worth a damn.
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    Culmination of things like I said.

    But, no, not all trailers are the same. I went from pulling all the overweights out of one trailer to being moved to a down time trailer which I was supposed to go balls out so management could hit their numbers. Guess who's called upon to do the down time every night? You guessed it.
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    Exactly. Not all loads are the same. Some of our Inbound trailers have WAY heavier packages in it than others.

    As far as my hub goes, I could say just about anything to management as long as it was in a friendly way. I mean, if you were really meaning it rude, as opposed to it coming off as light hearted, I could see him having a right getting upset.
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    If he pursues the situation, how it will be handled will be based upon how he and his boss feel about the situation, as well as any prior discipline you may have been involved with. Some bosses will blow the situation off -- but fully document it in case it happens again, others will give you a talk (maybe good-natured, maybe very intimidating resulting in you going home for the day) and some will suspend/terminate you. Without knowing your boss, we can't predict the outcome. Even in the worst-case scenario (you're terminated), you'll likely get your job back at some point if you've never had problems.

    One more thing: ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, maintain a professional relationship between you and your bosses. Too often, employees treat their supervisors as their friends (many times, they had been long-time friends). And too often, they "pay" for their friendship.

    And FWIW... playing "he said, she said" with a managerial employee rarely works. The company will persist "our managerial employees are highly trained and have zero reason to make _____ up."
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    i like to insult my supes with kindness and respect.they dont know how to handle it,its just not there thing.sometimes they look at one another afterwards like a kid stepping off the "short yellow bus"in disneyland.
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    Sure are alot of "F's" going on here. I seem to recall having a post of mine deleated not too long ago because I used that letter. Apparently the mod who got all bent out of shape that night isn't "moderating" tonight.