Discrimination Lawsuit



This article caught my eye as I was logging on this morning:

Former UPS Driver Files Discrimination Suit
Sat, Dec 21, 2002
Claims Racial Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

By Ron Wood

The Morning News/NWA

FAYETTEVILLE -- A man has filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against United Parcel Service and a number of employees, claiming among other things that he was promoted only in an effort to "shut him up or get rid of him."

Billy Clyde Dismuke contends that other employees and supervisors made racially charged comments, told racial jokes and made other tasteless comments about bodily functions and Dismuke's sexual preference. He claims that he was eventually fired out of retaliation and because of his race. Dismuke also claims he was sexually harassed, that his life was threatened and that his three to four requests a month for a transfer were ignored.

Dismuke argues that he was promoted to get him out of the local union.

The suit seeks damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, slander, negligent hiring, supervision, training and retention of employees and retaliation.

The suit seeks back pay, reinstatement and promotion as well as $10 million in "exemplary damages" in order to punish the defendants for malice or reckless indifference to Dismuke's federally protected rights.

The suit was filed despite an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determination that it was unable to conclude whether there was a violation.

Promoted to get rid of him???? Give me a break. What do you think?



Im still shaking my head over this one.

You would think that local police would have arrested the UPS managers for abduction. According to the plaintiff, they must have taken him a gun point from his home and forced him into management. This fellow needs to put down the crack pipe and go into rehab. I didnt realize grapes could get quite that sour.


The "Race Card" = The Perfect Defensive <u>AND</u> Retaliatory Tool For Today's Minoritys In The Work Force. Also Can Be Considered The Perfect Technicality.