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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Awful damn funny that 2 Ramadans have come & gone and she's been at Disney for 2 years and only just now wants to wear the head thing. If she went out and got a visible tatoo, they would fire her on the spot. It's a costumed themed amusement park and you won't see Minnie in a burka! She should go apply at Hooters and see how far she gets. She's just looking for a big payoff for what she thinks is some religious discrimination. I wish the outcome was....she loses and owes her lawyers a huge bill and Disney gets off.

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    Aint America great!!!!
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    Sometimes I wish some of you would leave your racism to yourselfs.
    It's not like you have to date a woman wearing a head cover.

    What do you think western ladies look like when they visit the middle east and muslim countries towards them ?
    Should we take the head gear and long black dresses off catholic nuns , too ? (but nothing wrong with that, right ) ?
    Take the popes little hat off him , too, while we are at it.

    I don't agree on the lawsuit, since Disney has a dress code, and even went as far as trying to manufacture her one, that would be acceptable to the dress code.
    And, I don't think she should be seeking compensation, because she really wasn't fired, but offered other jobs.
    Kinda like you as a UPS driver wants to wear white in sommer because of the heat.... but dress code is brown all year round.
    Can you sue ? I doubt it !
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    I hope she loses, but in with the court system of today who knows. All she needs is a muslim sympathizer for a judge and the law won't matter.

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    Klein, if we were in another country and got a job, we would follow the dress code of that place of employment.

    It's got nothing to do with racism. It's the same as UPS not allowing you to wear long hair.....it's a dress code. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to work there. She's been fine with it for 2 years and now that the mosque uproar is going on she sees a chance to make some big bucks by suing a company with mega bucks and claiming religious discrimination. Puhleese, she's a gold digger to the max!!
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    I couldn`t decipher what he was saying either until I held up a bottle of beer in front of the monitor and it translated to this:

    "I`m drunk,lonely,babbling and my credit card was declined by buylove.com."