Disturbing trend in my hub for promotions

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by btrlov, Mar 18, 2013.

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    ok, this may sound like an affirmative action ad, but noticed a disturbing trend with skin color and promotions in my hub. I have analyzed the last nine promotions in my hub, in the last 5 years. The correlation seems to be the lighter you skin color the more likely you are to be promoted sooner. the first 3 were white-2years, the next three were hispanic-4years, the next 2 were dark Hispanics- 5years, the last one- black- 8years. btw im dark hispanic. all the managers/div managers are white

    How much does image play into promotions?Have people seen this trend or another trend?
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    Around here skin color means nothing, u just gotta be female.
  3. Returntosender

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    At one point on UPSers. Most of the district and region managers were black.

    It's not image, it's how far you will go to lie, throw employees under the bus, to stay with your business plan.


    I was at a center where if you were female or minority they were afraid to not promote you out of fear of some discrimination lawsuit or whatnot, it is not right or fair but just look at where our country is now, you cant as much as look at a minority the wrong way without being called a racist, I am hispanic by the way.
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    IMHO......UPS...."behind the scenes" will always be a "white man" run and operated company.. Current trends seem to be promoting more people of the LGBT community into supervisor/management positions.

    LGBT - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Note: In our area, we have a black District Manager....and and black HR Manager. Personally, I don't care what color they are or what their sexual preferences are as long as they treat employees with dignity and respect.
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    Kiss the most ass and suck the most **** around my way
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Soon enough you will be the majority.
  8. superballs63

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    Oh lord. UPS doesn't give a damn about your color. Just your gender and sexual preference
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    Lesbihonest, here. I think we know what the true preference for promotions is...

    You have to like women.

    In all seriousness, the focus on race isn't so much an issue anymore as it used to be. There was a time a decade or so ago that there was a bigger issue with getting some diversity into management, but it's not so much the case anymore. Your scenario is not even close to being a big enough sample to accurately reflect this company as a whole. Does it matter? Are they qualified? Skin color has no bearing on someone's ability to manage. If they qualify, then they qualify. If I'm a District manager and the only interested candidates that I have to choose from for a full time supervisor position are all white guys, do I refuse to fill it? Just because? We can't force people to be promoted if they don't want it...
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    I never cared about race or sex of management but it is a fact some people can skate along knowing company is afraid to fire them. Such as my dispatch sup- black woman who was a lesbian. They just shuffled her around between jobs but were afraid to fire her even though she was completely incapable of finding her own wide backside with her eyes closed.
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    Let's see---black---check---female---check----lesbian---check---wide ass----check. Talk about your quota hire.:wink2:
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    all I can say is I have NEVER seen any emails from hr asking me if I could recommend any white males for their management hiring initiatives...
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    Probably the only thing you and I will ever agree on. lol
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    Management in large corporations have always been a "politics" game as you see politicians come in all colors, shapes, sizes and sexuality... It's all about who can sell the "company kool-aid" the best at the time, that's who is promoted. P.S. it doesn't hurt to know a few higher ups personally, that will get you promoted pretty quickly or so they say...
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    by us, not about color.... If you are somewhat smart, they will promote you, we have the United Nations. Need I say more...
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    My center just fired (or gave the option to resign) two minority, female supervisors for dishonesty. Wonder whom they will replace them with?
    ​I am old by the way.
  17. LongTimeComing

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    Are you insinuating that they will NOT be late-20 early-30-something clean cut white males with maybe a military background and a college degree?
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    Chicks with the biggest rooster gets a free ride.
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    :laughing::happy2::laughing: be like expecting a dm to actually have ops experience and not checking a box off on the sales career resume