Do we still accumulate Vac/sick days...

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  1. fedxsux

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    when on Workman comp? I've looked and couldn't find a definitive answer in the contract. What i did find is:

    "for employees on leave do to an industrial injury, health and welfare and pension payments shall be borne by the employer for the period of one year"

    Would this mean vacation and sick days?

    It's been a long while since I posted on here.(old format) I'm happy to see some of the old faces still around!
  2. mattwtrs

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    I know you don't accumulate vacation days when you are on disability or comp. Sick days may be different. Check your supplement! Company holidays are paid!
  3. fedxsux

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    I did, but there wasn't any specific language about vac\sick days. This was the only specific. I'm in the NorCal supplement

    "for employees on leave do to an industrial injury, health and welfare and pension payments shall be borne by the employer for the period of one year"

    I was told by another hourly that vac\sick is accumulated for the first 3 months while you are off on comp.
  4. wily_old_vet

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    When I had my first back operation I was out for eleven months, coming back in January. I had all my vacation weeks and optionals for that year.
  5. laborer

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    In the Southern agreement you must work 156 reports per year to receive all your vacation and options. All paid days (vacations, options, holidays, funeral leave, jury duty, TAW) count as reports. While on workers comp you don't aquire any reports. If you don't reach 156 reports it is then prorated, for each 40 reports times the weeks of vacation that you are entitled to. An example would be if you get 4 wks of vacation and have 40 reports (1X4wks) you would get 4 days, 80 reports (2X4wks) gets you 8 days and 120 reports (3X4wks) is 12 days. You do however lose all option weeks and personal days if you don't get 156 reports in.
  6. beatupbrown

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    page 193 in ,national master , central states supplement agreement

    employee's time off for on-the -job injury up to one (1) year shall count toward vacation.
  7. dannyboy

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    You get this years vacation at the begining of the year. If you are on comp, UPS will carry you for one year and next year you will also have your full compliment of vacations and sick days. After that year, I have seen it both ways. I have seen a guy on comp for over two years be able to choose all his vacation weeks in seniority order, even though he is not coming back.

  8. fedxsux

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    dannyboy, so if I went out on Sept.05 - Mar.06 Do I accrue vacation days for Sept - Dec and Jan - Mar?
  9. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Yes. UPS has to pay those benefit for you during that time. Its when you are out from sept 2003 to Jan of 2006 that you have problems. But I have seen drivers still get the vacation pay during that time.

    Funny, when I hung it up, I shot myself in the foot. I could have hung on without working, and I would have gotten my full 2006 vacation allotment. But because I left the first of October, they pro-rated the vacation for 2006.

    The way it was, I still got almost 3 grand of my vacation for 2006. While it was way short of what was needed to buy out my last three years, it helped.

  10. fedxsux

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    Thanks danny.

    Is there language anywhere pertaining to this? I've searched and searched!

    Just trying to get my ducks in a row, so when i do go back I am prepared.
  11. dannyboy

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    What part of the country are you in. The contract book varies greatly from one place to another, so where you find the information varies also.

  12. fedxsux

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    I'm in Northen California. I just found this in the supplement;

    "All regular employees off the job due to illness or injury shall accumulate vacation rights, holiday pay, and sick leave beginning with the date of illness or injury and continuing to the end of the month and two(2) months thereafter".

    Now is this for employees hurt off the job or does this pertain to everyone, hurt on the job, and hurt off the job?
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  13. laborer

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    It seems that all the pension and vacation language is totally different for each supplemental and the national doesn't really address the comp issues (at least I couldn't find anything). In the Southern Agreement UPS will pay into the pension fund for 1 month on an illness or off-the-job injury and 1 year for an on-the-job injury. Also, with an off-the-job injury or illness you receive pay for any holidays that fall within 1 month of the occurance and 6 months for on-the-job injuries. We don't however get reports towards vacations while on comp.

    If you worked until Sept you should have no problem earning your vacation and going back in March should give you ample time to earn your days off for next year.

    Good Luck
  14. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    What that says is that if you get sick on April 12, you will accumulate your vacation time and sick time for the rest of April, May and June. After that you are on your own. As for the workers comp, I think state law might have an impact on how the contracts were written, so they will vary from one place to the next.

    Like I said, one year is in the contract. But I have seen those on workers comp choose vacations after being off over two years. But then again, there might be something in those cases that I was not privy to.

    Like maybe working one day during the year in the office. While I dont know for sure, that should start the one year clock over again?

  15. what do you mean by "buy out my last 3 years"?
  16. who me

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    That's exactly how it worked for me and I'm in the southern area.
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    I'm officially retiring 11/30/08 will I get full accrued vacation pay for a year with seniority date of 09/08?
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Again, call your local and/or benefits office. They are there to answers these questions for you.

    Are you sure you don't want to stick around for one last peak?
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    Did they move Easter to November?

    Why the resurrection of these 1 year + old posts?
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    Good God Hoax, I believe the reason is people are actually using the search function to find a post for their question!!! I know it's hard to believe that there are actually people who actually research stuff before they open new threads, I'm an unbeliever myself!