Do You Recognize Your Co-workers?


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As I was scanning my fellow co-workers during PCM I realized the amount of co-workers I don't know has exceeded the amount that I do. I remember a time when I knew everybody--preloaders, unloaders, drivers, etc. Now I find myself wondering all the time "who's that?" or "where is...? I haven't seen them in a while." My center has grown so much over the years.

I'm not very nostalgic, but I do miss the days when I knew everybody. It felt like family (sort of).

Am I the only one that misses this? Do you work in a center where you know everybody? I feel like we all need to wear those "hello, my name is" name tags now.
I don't show up for work often enough anymore to remember the crowd, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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As a 34 year driver there are people I've worked with for 10 years whose names I never bothered to want to know and we have a small center! I have given many coworkers nicknames that I address them with tho!