Does anyone get "punished" for not fulfilling your SUPS insatiable expectations?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by High Side, Aug 17, 2008.

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    I am an unloader and work the predawn 4am shift. On tough days which may consist of many irregs and 53 foot feeders I can unload 2 trucks and then would finish off the 1st and 2nd day air feeders. Sometimes my SUP then sends me to a boxline where I would stay till almost 9 o' clock. I haven’t requested additional work time I simply would like to unload and get out of there. My SUP and I are far from friends, we have had several run-ins with each other, and on numerous occasions he has tried to make my job hell. Does he send me to the box lines as a punishment or is it simply the possibility they need extra help?
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    ask him
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    Re: Does anyone get "punished" for not fulfilling your SUPS insatiable desires?

    His/her spouse/significant other.

    Oh, you were talking about something else....
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    Re: Does anyone get "punished" for not fulfilling your SUPS insatiable desires?

    Lol, I was hoping for a really good thread.
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    That makes perfect sense to ask. Just being in the moment I get so frustrated and assume he is trying to be a prick. Especially cause it only occurs on those days I don't unload 3-4 trucks.
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    Ask him, that boxline might need help, or he might be a prick. None of us know him so you won’t get much of an answer from us.
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    Ps grossssssss!
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    Yes. I have to carry the crushing weight of the guilt that I feel when I see the disappointment on his face. :wink2:
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    Do any other unloaders get sent to a boxline ever after there unloading shift? What ever the circumstances? A serious answer is appreciated:funny:..
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    You have an esculation procedure available. Start by asking the guy directly, in private of course so he won't be cornered. If you have evidence that you are being treated differently than other people in your group, then the second step would be to speak either to your manager or to your HR representative. Believe it or not, your SUP, if he/she is a good SUP, is only asking you to do extra work because they have faith in your ability to handle it. In that case, it would be a compliment. Otherwise, if it is a slight due to previous altercations, then your HR needs to know. Good luck and thanks for blogging.
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    Thank you for the advice!
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    yep, it's very possible that your sup knows you can go over and get the work done without a babysitter. I agree with those who say to come out and ask him, also let him know you'd rather not stay if he has someone else to do it.
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    We only send our best and brightest to the boxline... but then we don't have a boxline.:happy-very:

    Your sup is not here to answer your question so you're going to have to find him at work and do so.
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    All makes sense guys! The frustration of assuming he was doing it maliciously blinded me. I'm getting paid reguardless right..
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    They will do all kinds of things to "punish" you.

    Work to the best of your ability - Follow methods - Work as directed...

    This is not a speed race so YOU MUST follow SAFE WORK METHODS... You are handling irregs - GET HELP... Yeah you can hadle it by yourself and want to be HE-MAN.. OVER 70 GET HELP... USE LOAD STANDS when UNLOADING...
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    a couple things. I assume your a 3 hour part-time employee. I was once a 3 hour employee myself. If management see's you can unload 3-4-5 feeders in 5 hours then whether they like you or not is irrelevant.They are gonna use you. Also remeber if you ever wanna grip and have a pissing contest with managment they will win 100% of the time. I know its frustrating but all you can do is slow down and dont kill your body for 4-5 hours of work especially if you feel your being direspected in the process. Also ,ive heard numerous times in my years at ups when employees are being treated unfairly or a certain group always seems to get away with being lazy and not working too hard that all management cares about is the job utlimately getting done. They rely on the hard workers to make up for the lazy ones. Ive actually heard sups say they dont care certain workers are on break too long or out smoking as long as the job gets done. And lastly if your work is done and you just wanna go home then inform your sups that you wanna go home before anyone in your area with less seniority goes home.if they let junior employees go home and then shift you to other work you have a grievance(at least thats how it works in our center). If you are the most junior employee then get a back brace.
  18. When the unload goes down they sometimes (depends how early the unload goes down) send some unloaders/sorters to the boxlines to help out the preloaders loading the brownies and/or sort to the boxline on the slide.
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    The baby sitter thing is a big thing for me, if i can send an employee to another sort and their gonna bust ass for that sup, it should be a complement then having to stay with me and get watched all day
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    Is this yore f/t sup. or p/t sup. that's over your area? Defiantly ask them if there would be a problem when your finished w/ your work area if you can be excused. (not sure of your sit.) When i have employees that's finished w/ work area if there ready to go i let them or on some occasionally. if i need them to stay than i normally ask them to pls stay and help me out. Or is it that your a hard worker, some i only put certain places bec. of coarse they get the job done better and more efiecently.