Does ANYONE know the answer...I've been a seasonal driver for 6 years now!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by angiechase, Jan 22, 2013.

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    I've been a seasonal package driver for 6 years now in the same center, that's 6 summer peaks and 6 winter peaks. I know the hire ratio is 6(or5) to 1, i know for our center i am the next "outside" hire, as i am the only outside driver they ever have come back each year. My question is, many many drivers and other employees keep telling me that the company is supposed to keep any seasonal driver after only 3 peak seasons! I've asked the union steward, he is never at work, i don't know how or where to find the answer! Does anyone out there know if this is true and if so what my options are now. I'm trying to find out because our center just got approved for 1, possibly 2 full time positions and drivers are telling me I'm getting "screwed" because I should have already been kept!

    thanks! angiechase
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    Don't know for sure but I have always heard if you work 3 consecutive seasonals then you are retained. I'm sure this varies by local.

    You need to find out your local number and contact the business agent.
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    Ask the center manager if its an inside or outside hire, he should know.
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    Why'd you wait 3+ years to get on this?
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    If true, this would be a regional provision. If you're in the union, contact your local union directly and ask to speak with the liaison that represents UPS employees (called your "business agent"). He/she will be able to give you a definite answer. If you're not in the union, sorry, you don't have any recourse.

    As far as being an off-the-street hire...
    1) You need to determine the positioning of the last off-the-street hire. The last driver added to your building could've been an off-the-street hire, meaning 6 inside employees will get hired before another (note that the union is proposing changing this to 8 in the upcoming contract).
    2) Until you've been offered the job, NEVER assume that you're "next." Typically, the "next" person winds up being a PT supervisor or the flavor of the day (e.g. some 21-year-old kid who runs his butt off). This is UPS, and there's no loyalty here. As far as the Company's concerned, seasonal positions are difficult (in many places) to fill, you're accepting the work and you're getting paid.
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    Angie this has been going on for 6 six years and now you come to this site and post. As long as they can use you, they will.

    You have no right to full time, only their word.

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    I guess if you keep getting hired as a seasonal you have no recourse. Never seen any contract language saying after 6 peaks they have to keep you. When they call you back in the summer tell them to stick it. Sounds like they don't want to hire you for some reason.