Does every freight terminal work this way?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by somebodiesgot, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. somebodiesgot

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    Everyone at my terminal works a minimum of 12 hours a day, most work 14-16 hours a day.

    I'm just wondering if every dock works like this or if its just that they are short handed or what.
  2. sppollock

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    Is that driver and dock worker? It shouldn't but it all depends on the start time. I have an early bid, 0600 and they can't get me out before 1730, but the guys that start after me have very little problem getting out at the same time. Part-time dock are working about 8 hours a day and the full-time are around 10 a day. When I first started it wasn't this way, but now that small package management is taking over they are watching the numbers beyond anything that I have seen a trucking company do.
  3. somebodiesgot

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    There is only one full time dockworker who works 12 hours, and i'm currently the only PT dockworker working 4 hours. The other like i think 8-9 guys start at 3am as dock workers and then drive, some of the others start at 5-7, and the rest are just drivers. However i'm told some of the other drivers work as dock workers in twilight