Does Herbert Hoover Live Again........


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in George Bush that is? Interesting piece taken from a chapter of a book entitled, "America's Great Depression".

The above is lenghty but other than the title on the website mainpage that was a sure hook (George W. Bush of 1929') you could see similar connections to political, economic happenings today and to actions of the past from a former republican President. What also caught my eye was the "big gov't" ideas and ideals being put forth by a republican adminstration back in the day.

Seems FDR who does deserve much scorn IMO was not the all knowing evil gov't malefactor typically thought of. Seems many of his ideas may have in fact come not from some socialist ilk but rather republican power players who in fact wanted nothng to do with free markets but rather wanted old European merchantilism and the resulting priviledged monopolies that came with it. The question begs to those today who support and defend big gov't, why would a group of business people who are driven by profit and power want big gov't in so many different areas?

Rothbard's opinion using a historical "looking back" perspective to look forward into our own present day and observe the parallels. When Rothbard penned this, GW was no where in sight (first printed in 1963') but the comparison of action today is of interest IMO.

Hoover was appointed Secretary of Commerce by President Harding in March 1921, under pressure from the left wing of the Republican Party, led by William Allen White and Judge Nathan Miller of New York. (Hoover was one of the first of the modern breed of politician, who can find a home in either party.)

When I read that bold/underlined part, the name McCain kept coming to mind!