Does this spell the end of the APWA

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownmonster, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. brownmonster

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    With a new 5 year agreement and the defeats at UPS Freight is the APWA done? Haven't seen too many comments from their loyal followers on these boards the last few days.
  2. SmithBarney

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    Was there really ever a beginning at APWA?
  3. brett636

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    Assuming this agreement gets ratified by the membership this will be the death knell for the APWA. They have taken 3 straight defeats at UPSF and now the proposed agreement would pull the one issue they actually have a stance on right out from underneath them. If I had been foolish enough to give them the $150 they were asking for I would be demanding my money back right now.
  4. Delivered

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    This sums up their views of the recent news. Copied this from their website.

    It’s October 01 & YOU’VE JUST BEEN “DONE”

    When we announced we would create a single employer pension plan for UPS employees we heard it said that:
    It is not possible to exit a multi-employer pension plan.
    It is not possible to go from a multi-employer pension plan to a single employer plan.
    UPS will never pay the money necessary to leave the Central States Plan unless Hell freezes over.
    Well guess what, ice skates are being handed out in Hell today with the announcement that UPS will pay $6.1 BILLION dollars to exit a multi-employer plan and go to a single employer plan.

    When we announced that Hoffa would “SELL YOU TO UPS LIKE A SLAB OF BEEF at the supermarket” we heard people say that they could trust Hoffa to never give them up to the company.
    Well guess what, YOU’VE JUST BEEN GIVEN UP to the company.
    The only thing open to discussion when we made that statement was the amount of the selling price. Now we know.

    Question: What do you think Hoffa had to give UPS to get $6.1 BILLION?
    Question: Do you think that whatever it was will impact Hoffa or any of his pony crowd? Question: Do you think that the common worker will pay the price in order for Hoffa to keep his “anointed” position?
    Question: Do you think your current bargaining agent, teamsters, will have any bargaining clout now that they no longer hold the big pit pension plan?
    Question: Do you remember those years upon years and contracts upon contracts where we were pounded with the idea that the very existence of the teamsters depended on keeping control of that pension money?

  5. 705red

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    It is something! Hoffa sr. did everything he did to build the teamsters in numbers and strenght and while everything wasnt 100% legit, he cared about the members and the teamsters union itself. Now here we are decades later and his son has just broken the teamsters union, not today but this is another step by jr to revenge his fathers death.(my opinion) He derailed red star, over nite and now has sold out all by allowing ups to buy out of cs. Now i know theres alot of different views on the cs pension and this is my view.(not debating the crisis in cs) But with this landmark deal he has just broken the unity of the teamsters union, from freight and ups. I have roughly 16 years left and i was just talking with some other stewards on this and realized that when i plan on retiring the teamsters will most likely not exist and what will my rettirement future hold? This is a sad week for organized labor, from the uaw now to the ups teamsters contract. Hoffa i do believe your intentions were to break the teamsters and now we know after this deal you will never get re-elected so i hope they never find your fathers remains! May you rot in hell if this is true!
  6. brett636

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    I still fail to understand why buying out of CS was such a bad deal. It was a calculated decision by the teamsters and UPS. The company wanted to save money, and the teamsters wanted to save face. Face it, come Jan. 1 of next year the CSPP would only be in the 50% funded range, and that would cause the government to step in and refigure benefits to get the fund back to a somewhat fully funded status. This would mean MORE cuts for those UPS teamsters still in the plan. What would have been worse is its my understanding that under the pension protection act of 2006 they can go back and alter what pension credits you already have accrued in order to get the fund back to where its supposed to be. CS is a mess and would take drastic cuts beyond what had already been done to get it back to a healthy status. In this deal the UPSers in CS will get a secure pension and UPS will save billions in ever increasing benefit costs in the long run. There really was no good reason why UPS should keep paying more and more into that fund while its own employees get less and less from it.

    As far as the APWA is concerned, they, like everyone else, doesn't know all the details on the new contract, and shouldn't already be bashing it like they did in their message. They are just pissy that they weren't able to accomplish what they set out to do and now they are bitter. To say we have been "sold out by hoffa" is premature. Also they need to learn to stop talking from both sides of their mouths. One on side they criticize the teamsters for what they had to do to get UPS to pay the money to get out of CS. On the other side I'm sure they are still preaching their plan which would end up costing UPS about the same if not more if they were to pull out of all the pension funds UPS is currently apart of. Face it, its the end of the APWA. They were a joke to begin with, and will remain so for as long as people remember them.