Does UPS do rehires?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by newguy22, Nov 28, 2006.

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    IM currently working at UPS, But am leaving for the military in Feb. When I get done with my enlistment, what are the chances that UPS will take me back? I would need a job at UPS basically for the health insurance. Well I was JW
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    I think it is federal law that the company has to give you a job, not necessarily the job you are currently doing, when you return from active duty.
    Check with your commanding officer.

    Also, be careful what you sign when you leave the company. Don't sign everything that is placed in front of you based on what some HR person says it is.
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  3. EAM_Master

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    I believe that UPS gives you credit towards time spent in the millitary. I know one of my sups was got hired in right out of highschool and then joined the Marines. He said they froze his start date for vacations and such. He started in 92, but was in the millitary from 93-97. He said his hire date is still in 92 sometime.
  4. solitarysiren

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    you may be able to get a military leave of absence. chances are good that you can come back to the company. even if you completely separate, hey can still put you on rehire status for future reference.
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    Do not resign, do the military leave of absence thing, I think after you are on active duty for 1 year you may loose your health bene's but make sure to ask lots questions. I would also make sure your local union knows of your situation. Ask about your withdrawl card from the union too. It will save you from paying the monthly dues!