Does UPS rehire?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by oko, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. oko

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    Does UPS rehire?
  2. sendagain

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    I actually did see a loader once leave the company, then get rehired after his T-shirt business bellied up. He is still driving today after about 20 years. Like many things in life, it may be a matter of "who you know".
  3. oko

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    Thanks Sendagain, I read in that they rehire under careful consideration. Do you get your time in with the company back?
  4. InTheRed

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    I can tell you that we do rehire, however it depends on how you left. When you were terminated, if you left on good terms your supervisor/management team will probably check you off as rehireable. If you were a problem (attendance, service, etc etc) you might be flagged as non-rehire.
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  5. Fredly000

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    By policy no UPS doesn't rehire, but as experience shows, people
    do get rehired under special situations.
  6. sendagain

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    As far as I know you don't get your time back, and why should you?
  7. BigBrownBill

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    Like -In the red-said, We do rehire...when your seperated from the company you are given a re-hire status. If you did a decent job, you shouldn't have a problem. Recently, even management personel are being rehired, depending on how and why they left the company in the first place. This practice in the past was unheard of.....
  8. IT_Consultant

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    When i was a p/t sorter/unloader about 20 years ago, i was told that i can be rehired if the reason for leaving was related to school (college).

  9. opie

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    I believe you can get your time in the company(senority) back. As long as you are re-hired within 1 year of leaving UPS. If it has been over one year, then you lose all senority & have to start over.
  10. rngri4

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    Before you quit, ask someone in management about the "Leave of Absence" program, if your district has it, it will be worth your while, and you keep your time.