does upsers need a way to contact corporate on ideas to grow the business.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coldworld, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Coldworld

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    Do any of you wish you had a way to email corporate ideas on how to grow our little business called ups? I have a few ideas that would be great but theres nobody local, either sales reps or center team who have the time or "power" to make anything happen. This company has lots of smart folks, outside of management, who have great ideas but dont know how to pass them along. Maybe should have an area where this could happen, any ideas?
  2. scratch

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    Just post your ideas here. Someone in Corp will read them and take credit for them if they are any good.:happy2:
  3. feeder53

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    I think Scratch is right, everyone knows of this sight and I am sure they look through it and gather info.
  4. wkmac

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    :thumbsup: Good one Dude!
  5. 705red

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    Lets give the ideas under this thread! I have one!

    How many of you have office buildings on your route? How many deliveries in each one of them? Now how many pick-ups? I have delivered to alot of buildings and typically you can have 10 to 100 different companies in these buildings depending on how big they are. Why dont we give every company in this building the exact same discounted rate to ship with ups? Crap were in these building for a couple anyways so the driver is here, how much longer can it take to pickup several more companies? These companies should have their volume calculated as 1 pickup to build the business.
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    Well, the "Take Charge" isn't working in our area thanks to the micromanagement...Drivers get to enjoy another route cut today mandated down fron top management/not volume..
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    <-----And someone in Corp will ask you to get a trim around the ears.........rut row.....scooby snack
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    You will get a sales lead!
  9. barnyard

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    I had a great idea and I contacted a guy at corporate. He listened and passed me along to another guy. I yacked with him for about a 1/2 hour and finally, he asked what I did (preloader at the time) and I asked what he did (VP for UPS Financial, I think.)

    I was pleasantly surprised by how receptive they were and the amount of time that we spent on the phone (about 1.5 hours.) and the fact that the person I was talking to conferenced in a guy from the legal department.

    Once they had the idea, I never heard another thing about it. 6 months or so later we started seeing the Paypal emblem on ebay packages (that was part of the idea.)

    Everything that we brainstormed that day is now in practice. I doubt that they were original ideas, but the guys that I spoke to were not discouraging in any way.

    I found the phone number in one of the UPS magazines that we receive.

  10. outamyway

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    Since when do the slave drivers listen to their slaves?
  11. barnyard

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    Reread my post.

  12. brownmonster

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    I called and suggested that we remove the left turn feature from all package cars since every stinking article I read says we have great technology that eliminates left turns. They told me that wouldn't work in the real world and I said neither does most of the crap you come up with but we have to use it anyway. They thanked me for calling.
  13. outamyway

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    How long ago was that? I've seen the Paypal emblem on USPS labels also, and they've been printed on their labels for a long time.
  14. outamyway

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    That's funny, cause' the new P700's turn radius for right turns is smaller than with left turns. Imagine that!
  15. barnyard

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    9ish years ago.

  16. happyboy

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    My idea is we sponsor a Monster truck.... at the Monster truck shows we can driver over fed ex and dhl vans the fans will love it... And it will be alot cheaper than what we spend on nascar
  17. brownmonster

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    Slow, I like that idea. Gravedigger is getting old.
  18. 9/5Everyday

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    That's why they pay the upper management morons in ATL 6 digits. They never drove a day in their life, but they can come up with a lot of bone headed ideas.
  19. Barnyard, I hope your discussions with corporate were done on the clock. Do not do anything for this company for free. As far as the upsers site goes, I'll look at it when I get paid for it.