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    I have been a pkg car driver for over 32 yrs now, and a Circle of Honor driver. Last Thursday when I came in off my route there were a group of safety managers waiting to test us on the DOK. I don't panic because I can recite all of them in my sleep. My center manager and sups know this, so they always "steer" the testers to me. I aced everything that I was asked. Then one of the testers asked me to recite and demonstrate the 8 keys to lifting and lowering. I had already recited the 8 keys earlier, but for some reason they asked me again to not only recite it again but, to also demonstrate using a prop pkg. After the demonstration I was told that I did not bend my knees enough when I squatted down to pick up the pkg! He told me that we are now expected to squat like a catcher until our butts almost touch the ground before lifting. I told him that I was never instructed that way but he still gave me a failure. Now none of them congratulated me on knowing everything to do with the DOK, the only thing they harped on was the one "mistake". The next morning my Ctr mgr came up to me and asked me again to demonstrate the 8 keys!! By the way I found my 29yr safe driving award stuffed in my cubbie. No presentation, no thanks for being a safe driver, no handshake, no nothing. I had plans of working for at least 1 more year because I still love what I do,but I have decided to retire this fall. I don't like the direction that this once great company is headed with all of there micro managing! I want to leave on my own terms still at the top of my game, and most of all I want to remember the way UPS was, and not what it is becoming. Cheers
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    I especially liked the "going out on your terms, not theirs "
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    Happy Trails, and I mean that in the most positive way! :cowboysmile:
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    Don't Overly Knowit'
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    i squat on UPS time alot
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    Allow me to step in and say thank you for TWENTY-NINE YEARS of save driving.

    That is an accomplishment - today, more so than ever!!!
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    If I squatted like that til my butt almost hit the ground, I would be on my butt, that is where I would stay. On the job injury.
    I try to bend that way as much as possible, but my knees dont like it.
    Congrats on your achievements, we know what they are.
    Im afraid I would ask for a demonstration, over and over again, like we do it 500xs a day.
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    I got gigged on this a while back also. I ended up telling the tester that having a beer gut and a set of testicles that hang between my legs tend to not allow me to squat that far, even wearing boxers.
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    while technically true, asking an older person to squat that far, without having a history of doing so, is asking for more injuries than its preventing

    stupid managers
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    Know your limits. If there is a 69 pound box that is large, you are going to naturally get close. If they personally test my lifting methods and capacity with a 3 pound small, I'm lifting that thing with my middle finger ;)
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    You: A 32 year veteran circle of honor driver with a career, a pension, job security, an excellent wage with benefits, and...most importantly...the pride that comes from knowing that you go out in the real world every day and actually do the work that makes this company #1 in the industry.

    Them: A collection of cheap suits with zero job security who used to be "partners" but whose only goal now is to try and justify their pathetic existence at the corporate trough for one more miserable day. They wouldnt last 10 minutes trying to do your job, so they do the only things they can; harass the rest of us with silly word games and pathetic audits. They are leeches who contribute nothing to the success of the company, and they know it. They couldnt carry your jock. They are not worthy to stand in your presence, much less question the manner in which you do your job.Deep down inside they are jealous of you because what you do actually matters and what they do doesnt.

    You wont be working at UPS very much longer. Odds are, they wont either.
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    The difference is, that the driver can make differences that every day customers care about. If that makes any sense.
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    Congrats on the 29 yrs Stealth. Those of us that do the job every day appreciate what an accomplishment that is.

    I am also one of the drivers that they steer the auditors to in our center. One time they said I gave the wrong answer because I said that you should "separate" the hazardous packages and the correct answer was that you should "segregate" the hazardous packages.

    I for one am against segregation, and those auditors are a waste of money that could be used to put on delivery routes to provide delivery service to our customers.
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    It's their rules and they can say whatever they want but once you go past 90 degrees with your knees they lean out forward past your ankles and this is when injuries occur.
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    Agree. If your arse is below your knees the body mechanics is no longer in your favor.
    Especially if you have a huge arse.
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    Stealth8, thank you for being a great employee for the last 32 years.

    they did the same thing here with one of my long time drivers, I feel we have gone down the wrong road with this and now both sides are bitter...our time can be better spent on other things that come to mind but who am I kidding, who would actually listen to a center manager now-a-days...
  17. faded jeans

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    I, for one, appreciate your candid response.
  18. ajblakejr

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    Sometimes a few words can make a difference.
  19. soberups

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    If they were ever to come up to me and question the manner in which I bent over, I would politely tell them that they were welcome to go "bend over' themselves. I would also not hesitate to share with them my opinions regarding safety at UPS, the Keter audit process, and exactly what I thought of people who "earned" their living harassing drivers over ticky tacky failures to recite acronyms and commentaries. All in a polite and professional maner, of course.

    Not surprisingly, I am one of the people they steer the auditors away from.
  20. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Dragon, I don't always agree with your posts/opinions, but I would probably enjoy working for you.