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    I have been visiting this site for a few weeks now and wanted to give my 2 cents.

    I am an employee and I am looking to leave fedex. It has nothing to do with the actual work, I don't mind the physical part of the job. It is the grind of fedex itself, day in and day out. Every day good people show up to work and the consistent theme is we are not doing enough. Do more for less reward. Split shift gone, 3rd shift gone,..cut hours on couriers.. ooh but do those sales leads and watch service agents get plenty of hours. Really, when did the tides turn on couriers where they became the albatross on fedex's back?

    I know we hear "Don't count on the ot"..if you work for the company, you know that's impossible. Does the company actual think that employees think it's so wonderful working there that basically living just above the poverty line is worth it? The job is only worth it if you get overtime and the sad part of it is that you need to commit your entire week to the company just to earn a decent wage. There are very few routes that can provide 10-11 a day on a straight shift.

    The bottom line is that you will make more money per hour this year than last but most likely you will make less money each year. There will always be those couriers who are working every hour and that makes it seem like there is a possibility to earn good money but that isn't the reality. I am leaving because I can pretty much predict how much I will make working there in 2 years , 5 years, 10 years and it isn't enough. I know I cannot count on the company any more and maybe I was naive to think I ever could, but it certainly seemed like a good place to work even just a few years ago.
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    Good post.

    FedEx blows....
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    When did you start working for FexEx?

    I believe if you try you can find something better. :)
  4. You're exactly right about the company. It's gotten out of control and there isn't going to get better. The disconnect between upper management and the hourly worker is beyond imagination. I guess that's what you get when you put a bunch of non-couriers in charge of a delivery company. Why the hell should a man that's never done my job get to wave his hands around like a fool on frontline and tell me how to do my job. Makes no sense.
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    It just kills me when I get back to the station with a full truck and my manager complains about my stops per hour. Maybe I should tell my customers that they are shipping too many pkgs with Fedex - and don't ship international please, my sph suffers when I have to take time to pull the paperwork, and no FOs, my god i have to sticker 5 sides.
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    What maxed said about hourly wage is so true ..I am down 1200.00 dollars compared to last year even though I got over a dollar an hour raise..Nothing else has changed except that Im working less hours per week ..This is all so fedex can say they pay people fairly they think the hourlies are so dumb they cant figure this out. when I pointed this out to our sm last year she didnt say a word..just stared at the wall..almost like she hadnt thought of that either
  7. I'm also down around a 1000 dollars year over year since 2010. They put a dime in one pocket then turn around and take a quarter out of the other.
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    I agree with the posts above. The most important concern for FedEx is shareholder return and not the employees. They keep touting PSP, but that died long ago. FedEx can run their company like they want (we have no say for obvious reasons), it just infuriates me when they tout PSP. All I ask from FedEx is to be honest with us and don't string us along.
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    It's kind of like a children's TV show. They continuously spout fantasy like PSP, and they think we believe it with some sort of child-like innocence. Or maybe they just think we're stupid. Either way, it's insulting the way they view us.
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    Our topped out guys who have just been put on 4X10's are now making almost $20k a year less. And as the new 4X10 cover driver I'm getting a vibe from a couple of them as if it's my fault. There's a side effect we might be seeing when everyone is making considerably less. People trying to make their bills might start turning on each other, more so than the usual station idiocy.
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    Believe me, she knows. Hence the reason for keeping her mouth shut.
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    Smith is probably America's biggest control freak and coupled with the fact that he seems to enjoy screwing over his workforce. Now what does that tell you about the direction of this company?
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    Sales leads, ha! Remember that 3 month push for sales leads? I didn't turn one in and no one said anything. Hell if I'm going to make more work for myself. Every morning our manager puts some kind of paperwork on the drivers seat noting what you did wrong the day before. He uses a red pen with alot of exclamation points and arrows; and he wonders why he gets such a low SFA review. Nitpicking SOB.
  14. Sales leads... Haha. Why should we (Express) turn in sales leads for FedEx Ground?? Are FedEx Ground drivers out turning in sales leads to help Express?
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    We have too much work to be turning in sales leads...