Double Dip Recession

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tieguy, Jun 30, 2010.

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    As I see it, the US needs to come back to budgets prior to W Bush. (Clinton era - last budjet surplus).
    Even if this recession would have never happened, the US was going further and further into debt.

    You can either end up like Greece , (keep low taxes and keep spending,like nothing has changed until nothing is left), and then take radical cuts and messures, OR start now, and get that budget deficit somewhat in order.
    I prefer the second way.
    $200.000 per every person in the US, in government debt and liabilties, isn't it time to tighten that belt a little ?
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    We've been trying to preach this, but Obama & friends think you can pay down a deficit by spending more. They are loonies ! (no offense to your money)
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    Yes a double dip recession will eventullay come. Our government cannot spend it's way out of this current recession. Banks are failing, housing sales are down again, stock market unstable and employment will continue to decrease. This is part of the president's agenda, because we fail to understand the underlying reason that he wants our government to fail. This allows him to transform America to a more progressive government. A democracy needs informed citizens to survive. Our democracy is being taken apart piece by piece, before our eyes and only a few people seemed concerned about it. Wake UP! Yes a few people take to task a few policies, but do not look at the larger picture. The damage being done to the structure of this nation goes far beyond paticular counterproductive policies.
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    weekly jobless claims up 13 k for the week.

    housing starts down

    market down another 140 points

    a while back I made the point the stimulus money was lighter fluid on wet charcoal. the lighter fluid would burn bright for a while and hopefully dry out and ignite the wet charcoal. At this point I don't see the charcoal representing our economy igniting.

    instead I think the increased regulatory actions , health care plan and anti corporate actions and rhetoric by Obama has acted as more water on that charcoal. pay your bills and tighten your belts trouble looms on the horizon.
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    The Dem. take on that news...."See how well we're doing !!" Have another mushroom.
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    EPA pulls permits for two Texas City refineries
    The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday rejected the air quality permits for 122 industrial facilities in Texas, including the BP and Valero refineries in Texas City.
    The pulling of the flexible air permits that are issued by the state under EPA’s authority means the facilities do not have legal operating permits.

    They are going after about 30% of our operating refineries, that's going to hurt.
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    Re: Double Dip

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    Do you really want to get back to the days before the recession? Is Boom and Bust what America should look forward to? Unfortunately for all of us, our leaders are going to fail to see that we are all in this together and will refuse to change anything that got us here. But if you want to, when it all falls apart we can just keep pointing fingers at each other and insist that "if you'd just listened to me..." Here. I'll start. The party of "NO" only wants to regain power and is willing to flush the whole mess. It's all the republican's fault and this is my pile of crap and you can't touch it.
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    Here's a thought. Know how when you get stuck in the snow or mud and they tell you not to spin your wheels? Well when you and the neighbor get the vehicle started out by pushing, what do you do? You keep those wheels spinning as long as there's momentum. That's what it feels like when everyone including the government stops spending. We're gonna lose momentum and be stuck again.
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    did someone pass gas?:faint:
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    Someone's striping the driveway again!
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    Doesn't take much to get him to do it. Doggy tricks are so cool.
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    According to B.O., the economy is on track. Here's your sign...
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    The 1920–1921 depression was painful lasting 18 months. The unemployment rate peaked at 11.7 percent in 1921. But it had dropped to 6.7 percent by the following year, and was down to 2.4 percent by 1923. After the depression the United States proceeded to enjoy the “Roaring Twenties,” arguably the most prosperous decade in the country’s history. The 1920–1921 depression “purged the rottenness out of the system” and provided a solid framework for sustainable growth.
    Other recessions; 1910-1912 lasting 24 months, 1913-1914 lasting 23 months, The Great Depression lasting 43 months.

    Source: Chart of the Day (using data from the National Bureau of Economic Research)
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    Historian Thomas E. Woods has written of what is called"The Forgotten Depression" and is worth consideration IMO.

    In 1969' the late economist Murray Rothbard wrote a piece entitled, "Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure" which might be instructive from a certain economic POV.
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    My guess is that we are likely headed for a period of low to no economic growth.