Double Shift Freeze

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  1. At our hub UPS halted all double shift because of the Union voting "yes" to strike. Has this happen to any other HUB? and Can UPS do this? and Will we have to start grieving ever second a UPS lies and let a Supervisor work?
  2. Indecisi0n

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    Strike strike strike
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    We've come to a handshake agreement. If sups are telling you this is why they are completely full of it and just trying to get people to vote yes.
  4. unloady

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    My building prohibits double shifting of any kind.
  5. GenericUsername

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    Should file anyways if they're working. 8 people went home early today in my building. I documented 4 different supervisors working for multiple periods of time (I walk around a lot doing irregs/small sort/helping belts.) Free 3 hours of pay in addition to my 4+ hours today. I filed enough last week to nearly hit 40 hours for just preload. That doesn't count my 22.5 hours of driving on 2 days either.
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    Grieve it. If they say they're not double shifting, they're clearly not exhausting all options.
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    DS at Worldport has been open to the district for three years now.
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    Ask them if they are hybrid supervisors.
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    We are so short of people. Double shifting as much as you want! Starting wage is $15. Full time sort manager works all night!
  10. Daf

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    File! File! File! Also file for safety reasons if the understaffing causes egress problems.
  11. hehe xd

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    poor u u cant make more money
  12. Protein Fart

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    When your responsibilities are your own and no longer Mommy and Daddy's you'll understand the concern.
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    Get used to it.
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    Oh its always prohibited, until they need it.
  15. We're all going to file, trying to get people to file on our shift also but they ignore us and rather stay uninformed
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    not my fault u decided to move out at 18 lol if u were a tactical professional u would know how to manage ur finances
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    A tactical professional? What is this? call of duty?