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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by local804, Nov 4, 2003.

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    Today, election day here in NY all Teamster UPS`ers got paid double time for the entire day plus holiday pay.I am just wondering if it is like this through the entire country.
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    No. Someone has to work on that.........!
    (Im in NNE)
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    Must be nice, just another day in Ohio!!!!
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    But it was 77 degrees!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    I'm not in the union yet so I don't get paid 1 1/2 times. At my HUB you could have taken the day off and got paid for it, or if you showed up for work you get paid overtime, and you can still take a day off when you want and get paid for it. Does this apply to all holidays that UPS is in operation like Columbus Day or Good Friday? What does it mean to be hired in a freeze period, I can't join the Teamsters until about late December or January, somewhere around that time I guess. One of my fellow co-workers who is in the union, says management can do anything they want with me because I'm not a Teamster at this time. That I have no protection and no rights. Is this true?
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    We work under the New England Supplement and there is no language about election day. The only paid holidays which we work on are Columbus Day and Veterans Day. Straight holiday pay, plus time-and-a-half for hours worked. Good Friday and election days are just another day of the week for us. I believe some unions have clauses in their contracts which give them election day off with pay, although I can't remember which ones. I imagine this comes in handy for those get-out-the-vote drives for union-endorsed candidates.
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    Yes and no. Here you can sign on with the union the same day you are hired, but your dues taken out this month will be for next month.

    I know it is somewhat strange. Kinda like our benifits. The money paid this month in insurance benifits gives me coverage in January.

    THere is protection out there for non union workers, you just have to find it.

    Best thing to do is to work as hard as you can to be a model employee. WIth workers being so hard to find in most places, just getting a body to fill the job is important, so why would they try and get rid of you?

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    Local 177, it's most of NJ and part of NY. We get "election day pay" on the day of your choice, which is double time and ot is triple the pay.
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    I am not so sure if my area got the time and a half on Election day. I asked my part-time supervisor and he then asked someone else and they said no. It was somebody from revenue recovery who on Election Day came out and told everybody that all union employees get time and a half. Does Northern NJ teamsters get time and a half on election day and even other days like Columbus day etc? I don't know what local teamsters group covers my HUB. You can't join the union on the day of hire, normally you have to wait 30 days, but since I was hired during a freeze period, I must wait several more weeks.
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    Just like a teamster to want something for nothing......
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    Opie. you dont know your union number? There clearly must be a union board or someone that would know in that building.
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    Become a registered guest and then put in your two cents.
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    Ps If your not going to discuss the topic, Shut your trap.