Dow Closes Above 17,000 as Stock Rally Outpaces Economy


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We were attacked. Someone had to pay for it.
Iraq, because Sadam was an ass toward the US and others.
Afghanistan because that's where the terrorist training camps were.


offending people on the internet since 1995
It's "today's" way of saying "talk to the hand".....look it up in the urban slang dictionary and try to keep up. I didn't coin the phrase. I'm sorry you don't understand today's language....get with it or get left behind.
no, you resort to threats, calling others names and Homophobic slurs when you A) have nothing to add to the conversation B)when you are on the losing end.

It shows us your true colors as well as your lack of knowledge on the subject being discussed


offending people on the internet since 1995
As a further note: in the past 5 years the Market is showing growth not seen since WW2.
S&P is up 173% since 2009.
The link has some interesting charts detailing the Five Year Growth for those able to read them. For those here that are unable to read the charts they can admire the pretty colors

hmmmmmmmm the market takes a GIANT dump in 2008,but since 2009 with Obama's Stimulus packages,Deficit Spending and Obama winding down American involvement in two unwinnable wars started bu the previous administration the Market has shown record growth. he really really STINKS at being a Socialist dosent he!


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I'm finally in a position where I don't think I'll get laid off when the economy tanks again. I'm hoping the bubble we're in bursts in 3 years so I can get a deal on my first house!


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You can also build a huge beautiful mansion on a foundation of sand. It will stand and awe all of those who pass by...for a little while.


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I fully expect the economy to tank again when the next big terrorist attack on the US happens------and it will. Right now all someone has to do is fart in the mid-east and the gas prices skyrocket and the stock market loses five hundred points minimum. As far as adding jobs goes I know around here they add a few thousand every year for the resorts and tourist traps. Too bad they are all 3 month jobs at usually less than minimum wage. The resorts get a lot of their help from 3rd world countries with people who are here on a temporary work permit-------or so they say.


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Enjoy the growth while it lasts.
Once everyone accounts get bloated good old barry will impose a tax on everyone to steal it back .