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Hi Everyone,My Name is Jesse :happy2:
Well I'd Like to know what you guys think about the situation that I have.

I've Been wanting to be apart of UPS for Sometime now to start a career and Someday Become a Driver.So this Year I Became a Driver Helper to help get My foot into UPS and to demonstrate my worthiness.I left behind a full time job which the HR Women was well aware of.She Really like the way I presented my self and how i deeply felt about really wanting to work for UPS on a permanent bases.She Then told me to come back toward the end of the Peak Season to come in and Speak with her and let her know if I was still interested.She then said that she wanted to remember me and didn't want me to "fall through the cracks" Whatever that meant.

I know I wont be able to go to the Hub till after the 24th.Seeing as how I work from 12:30 PM till about 7:00 PM M-friend with the Driver.Do you guys think It's Worth asking for a day off and go and talk to her before the 24th or should I just wait till January? I really Don't know what is wiser.
I'd hate to go and her just shine me off by telling me she'll call me back when all she'll probably do is end up putting me on the back burner.

I'm Really committed to land a spot with UPS.Like I Mentioned,I left Behind a Full Time Job (40+ Hrs. M-friend).I just had my first born on the 15th of this month and asked to please give me at least the 14th off (Wife Got Induced on the 14th so I didn't want to risk not being there for his birth) and returned the following Monday to work.I Basically Pay UPS to let Me work for them,I mean the Checks are a joke and I knew that before coming in.

So what Do you Think is my Best way in? Who Should I really be talking to? I've proven my dedication to my driver but he can't even get me into his Hub.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for Reading :happy2:
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Congratulations on your baby. I hope mom and infant are well. The fastest way I can think of to not be invited back after peak is to take a day off during peak. Make sure your driver knows you want to stay. Ask him to put in a good word for you. Find out how to get in touch with the woman who first interviewed you and get in touch with her after the 25th. And keep contacting her, the driver, and anyone else at UPS who may be able to help you. The company is always looking for people. You seem highly motivated to work here. Good luck.


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definately do not take a day off.

Just apply online for a permanent part time position. In my area this job is hard to get after peak because they have too many people. Hiring usually starts in spring when the college kids quit.