Driver Helper pay inNorth Carolina?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by steeltoe, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. steeltoe

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    I have a family member who just started. Let me start by saying he is always full of you know what. So, with that said, he claims he is making $20.00 per hour. I know this is bull, but does the supplement he falls under have pay language that I do not know about? He is an uncle of mine, and never truthful.
  2. scratch

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    I'll bet its $8-8.50 an hour like everywhere else in the South. My Helper, Chris, has worked on our Preload for 15 years. His Helper pay is the same as somebody off he street. That just seems wrong.
  3. menotyou

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    Even the people hired before 1992, still only get $10.25- I think. ???
  4. rocket man

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    I checked into this and i found the answer. acording to carolina law/ sub section 6 tru 8 and 10 thru 12. articl'le 12 dated june 15 1944 page 36 of carolina law library artice 1 i. IF any person or person ,s request 20 dollars an hour. and more than 2 make that request acording to laws stated above and its for a interstate and out of state frieight and parcell carrier that pay rate has to be granted with a increase in pay for night differential . according to article 7 11 14 and sub section 2 article 6 page 24 3rd no 4th paragraph sectionc(C) your uncle is not lying . hes making 20 an hour it took me hours to look this up. you should see what there making in ohio.
  5. barnyard

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    I am sure that he is getting $20/hr. Right to work states get higher wages. That's the beauty part of right to work. Duh.

    DTAHONDA New Member

    lucky him. i think its bull they dont do the 100$ bonus anymore over here for working everyday. Im not complaining about 8.50.. since it is a job tho