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  1. kellyje

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    This is my first time/year as a driver helper and I would like to share my experience thus far with all the new guys out there.

    Prior to my first day with a driver, I ensured that the following steps were taken:
    1. Knowledge of job specifications/description
    2. Adamant amount of sleep
    3. Personal appearance/uniform were up to standards

    During my shifts:
    1. Arrive 20 minutes prior to start (inspect uniform, stretch, bathroom, etc)
    2. Safety is always priority! This is the most important b/c any safety mishap caused by my misjudgment, affects not only me but my driver as well!
    3. When my driver shows or tells me something, I pay close attention and ask questions at the appropriate time.
    4. Initiative! While pulling up to the next stop, I visually determine the safest/quickest route, the best place to put the package, and any hazards that may be in the way.
    5. Sincerity! I make sure that my driver, dispatch, management, etc. know how humble and appreciative I am to have an opportunity to be part of the UPS team.

    Allot of people ask "Can I aspect a driver/mang. position after the holidays" I respect the progression process it takes to become a driver, and by no means do I expect to become a driver in January. If I am offered ANY position within UPS, I will truly be honored and will look forward to learning from you all!!

  2. UPSBluRdg03

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    Sounds like youve got a great attitude, work ethic and a desire to do the job correctly. Id glady take you as a helper anyday. Ill pick you up at the Exxon at 10 tomorrow. Dress in layers its gonna be cold out there.
  3. kellyje

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    I was only issued a short sleeve shirt, may I borrow your jacket?
  4. blueterrior

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    sounds great man, thats the kind of attitude you need for this job. it can be hard, and that kind of attitude will see you through. just like you, im in for the long haul. ill work as long as i have to, and do what i have to do to become a driver
  5. probellringer

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    and remember...a handtruck slows you down..
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    ...while a back injury sidelines you...
  7. probellringer

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    upstny...its an old saying supes tell new hires who ask for handtrucks..
  8. probellringer

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    along with--"if you fall behind-dont take lunch"