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im sure you guys have heard this many times or something of the sort. but my situation is that a driver called two days ago to see if i could work but i wasnt available yet at the time but i would be the next day. well two days have gone by and still have not recieved a call. my question is how could i go about getting some hours. should i call somebody? i dont know, its just kind of frustrating how at orientation they were stressing how we could work up to 60 hours a week sometimes and here i am sitting on my butt ready to help them out. thanks in advance


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To be a driver helper, you almost have to have nothing going on for the month of December. Obviously, you missed the boat that day.
If you're trying to get a foot in the door at UPS, apply with UPS at the end of January. Thats when I got hired 13 years ago


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Unfortunately, when you were unavailable on that first day, you pretty much made yourself unavailable for peak. The driver is counting on you to be there each and every day so I am sure he was assigned another helper and has chosen to stay with that person. With only 6 days left, it is doubtful that you will get the call but I would re-apply after peak if you really want to get into UPS.


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thats where you messed up.... :sad-little:

How true. You turned work down, so you are considered to be undependable. We have had a lot of helpers quit, I had to help another driver last night whose helper was a no-show. I would wait until after Christmas if you are serious about coming to work for us. No way you would have worked 60 hours a week anyway, my helper finally got 30 hours this week after being with me since late October.


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These last few pretty much nailed it to a "T". Sounds like my first helper who decided he couldn't work because he had homework to do even though school had let out early that day.


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well the thing is, i wasn't even available to work until the next day anyways as i had put on my application. UPS is not a very organized place to work obviously. at least i got about 30 bucks out o them from orientation though.


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"at least i got about 30 bucks out o them from orientation though."

Wow....that is the spirit. You seem to be full of drive and determination....NOT!!
oh good grief , you're talking to someone that isn't looking for a career with the almighty UP$, just a few extra bucks before Christmas. If the guy put it on his app that he wouldn't be available till wed and they called him on tues, who's the :censored2:? NOT the helper.
Nad he is right, UPS is not all that organized.