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  1. minicoopermama

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    I am a newbie here and have a few questions. I have completed the online application for a Seasonal Driver Helper. I am scheduled tomorrow for an appointment.
    I have a few questions:

    *Are jeans acceptable to wear? On the UPS website, it tells me to wear slacks or jeans. Which is more acceptable? What type of shirt should I wear? Tennis shoes? I am a woman, and I am used to jobs that require me to wear a business suit & heels. This seems so foreign to me. I want to make sure that I make a good impression, but I also don't want to look like a dummy wearing pressed pants!
    *What should I expect? Will I be lifting things? Running around? Any tips would be very much appreciated.
    *If I am hired, do a get a uniform? I mean, c'mon....who doesn't want to wear the UPS uniform?! :thumbup1:
    *What should I expect from this job?
    *What is the likelihood that I am offered a job? I am not afraid to work hard and follow the rules, and I know that I'll give the driver 120%. I am just curious about how often they offer seasonal help permanent jobs?

    Also...I have a question about a driver position. I know of someone (45-48 year old female..who got a job with UPS with a temp agency) who got in right away as a driver. I thought it took years to get in with UPS as a driver. Am I wrong? Do you think this person will have a job after the holidays? I guess I'm a little bitter about it....let's just say she often complains of having back problems and hasn't had any job that actually requires hard work. Just wondering how the seasonal help works. :blush:

    Thank you all in advance for your help! I hope you all have a great day.
  2. Keepingthemhonest

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    Look profesional when you go for the interview, that is good enough (I'd wear slacks and a polo)...most driver's come from the sort as part-timers, once in a blue moon you will get a seasonale driver off the street that gets hired in perm (6 inside people : 1 outside person is the ratio), you'll be issued a uniform and be running your ass off up residential roads most likely. I've been working the sort and helping during peak with the same driver for a coupe years. I know how to use the DIAD (that board we use) so we do dense downtown comercials, pickups, everything...but if you don't know how to use it you will most likely just be running res. The DIAD is an awesome tool it'll tell you the next stop (most of the time) how many should be on the truck ect...and anyone that bitches about it is just an old fogey set in his ways. If you're hired as seasonale you have a slim chance of staying around after peak. Sometimes they will offer you a perm partime job and if you want to help that cause get in contact with a preload sup or center manager. Ask them how you and your driver ran for the week or something then demonstrate your intentions to stay around after peak and ask them for any advice. Stay in contact with HR, give them a call. They hire throughout the year and call people that worked seasonale before other applicants typically as long as you were a good worker.
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    Old Fogey... set in my ways... awesome tool... Ohio State.... can this day get any worse?
  4. minicoopermama

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    This Newbie Needs Help!

    Thank you for the reply!

    I am wondering about shoes. Should I get some new white tennies?

    Advice is much appreciated on everything. I've read some of the other threads on driver helpers...but inquiring minds want to know more....:lol:

  5. Megansman

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    Re: This Newbie Needs Help!

    Black or brown "polishable" shoes/boots. In other words, no cloth, suede, etc. You can get new white tennies... you just can't wear them to work.
  6. Keepingthemhonest

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    Re: This Newbie Needs Help!

    You love it!
  7. scratch

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    UPS wants you to wear black or brown "polishable" shoes, but I would strongly recommend just wearing something that is comfortable to your feet, you will be "walking at a brisk pace" all day. I wouldn't go out and spend a lot of money for a new pair of shoes just for working the next five weeks. I don't mind the white tennis shoes for Helpers myself.:closedeye
  8. Bill909

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    I will be starting as a helper any day now-does the driver decide if my shoes are OK?

    Mine look like this, but they're nubuck/suede so arent polishable. I dont want to show up the first day with unsuitable footwear, but I also cant afford new shoes for this job.

    I did change the laces to black.
  9. OldUPSDriver

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    Those shoes look heavy will slow you down. Bring some comfortable shoes to work in a bag (with your lunch) and change on the car. JMO
  10. Bill909

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    They are heavyish but they are the only thing I own that comes close to UPS guidelines. I have comfy shoes but I need something thats good in snow and ice too.