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    I just finished up as a driver helper last week. I'm surprised that I got as many days out of it as I did, as I hear most helpers are done at Christmas or maybe a couple days after.

    Anyways, I'm wanting some advice on becoming a part time package handler. My coordinator told me many times that she appreciates my hard work and that I never missed a day. I've also been told by a few drivers that I was one of the favorite helpers this season. Maybe that'll give me a little more luck on getting in the door quicker for a permanent job? I really enjoyed the time that I did have with UPS and learned a lot. I'm really considering making a career out of it now.
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    Contact your helper coordinator or HR rep and let them know you're interested in a permanent career with UPS. If that fails to work, contact a driver that you worked & got along well with and ask him/her to recommend you to the sort manager.

    Be aware that it will likely be spring before you get called back.
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    All longer peak means is we get these types of questions for a longer period of time.
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    Brownslave , have you ever been positive or optimistic about anything. I mean, your not forced to read every thread, if you see the topic, don't read it. It's that simple, don't you feel better now.
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    Culpster. I hope you get called back. About every two weeks on Friday, email the center manager or stop by and pay him a visit. Let them know your still interested. Good Luck !
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    I'm positive that I will continue to read and post as I please. Funny that my wife calls me the optimist of the family.
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    OP, you better start running!

    Just kidding.

    I will warn you in advance though. What you went through on road is a 100% turn around within building. Its dirty, relentless and punishing; to be fair. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
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    And now, back to BrownCafe's regularly scheduled programming...

    Topic: @#!$ About Retiree Health Care Thread #1491

    I just received a letter from UPS that my retiree health insurance is going up. That gosh darn ObamaCare! I'm 70 years young. You kids driving these days don't know how easy you have it. When I began working at UPS, we didn't even have trucks, or package cars as you guys call it. We had to carry each package to their destination, sometimes walking 100 miles roundtrip for each package. And then there was the...

    "Yes! And you ain't gettin' it. [I'm tired of] Everybody wants something for nothing. [Walking into social security building] I'm old: gimme, gimme, gimme!"
    --Grandpa Simpson
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    Thanks for making me feel like part of the family. I appreciate it. :speechless2:
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    You've been initiated.
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    I have a feeling in about three months from now you will be a part time supervisor.
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    Is that sarcasm? Lol.