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    Where Do You Go To Use The Bathroom If You Need It When You Are On The Road As A Driver Helper??

    And Will The Driver Meet You And Drive To The Hub Or You Meet The Driver At The Hub Or You Have To Find Your Way On Your Own

  2. txmomof2b2g

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    Umm hold it?
    You meet the driver where ever the driver wants to meet you at in the town that you are assigned you do not go to the hub.
    But again might be different where you are at.
    Also could ya take the cap lock off ya don't have to scream.
  3. Ms Spoken

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    In regards to your bathroom just ask your driver where is a good place and he/she will let you know. But, please try to take care of #2 before you get on the route because we (drivers) don't have time to wait for you to read any mags while your taking care of business. :poop:

    JMO Good luck plan on being sore for a few days till you get the hang of it.
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    ok thanks for the reply

    so if the driver tells you where to meet can he/she meet me close to or at my house??