Driver Hits My BF's Truck in Parking Lot...Should he be blamed

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  1. Hi,

    I am new here and I find myself aggravated that my boyfriend who was delivering packages gets hit by someone backing up.

    My boyfriend parked to deliver packages to the building that was in the parking lot and surrounding areas along with his helper. While my boyfriend was in the truck organizing packages, his helper frantically runs into the truck because the person in the parking lot was backing up and almost hit him in the process. When my boyfriend realized what was going on, him and the helper proceeded to yell and wave their hands to get the woman to stop. The car ends up hitting the UPS truck and the woman driving messes up her SUV. This woman happened to be sitting in her car for a while which my boyfriend and helper did not know so as she decided to start her car and back up she failed to miss a BIG BROWN TRUCK.

    A police officer came out and said that my boyfriend was at fault for parking illegally. His supervisor came out and took pictures. The next day his supervisors tell him that even though the situation is unfortunate it is his fault and this will be put on his record. How is that? I only say that because this is how he was trained and me being that I have never worked for UPS before, I rarely see legally parked trucks. This woman could of killed a worker. Shouldn't UPS be helping their employees? I have also inserted the most cheesiest photo ever to give you an idea. I will also like to mention that the distance between her vehicle and the truck was enough room where another UPS driver can and did fit in between so the woman had ample room. If this remains on his record he will not be able to go back to seasonal feeder until his probation year is over. This was the second day back from seasonal feeder driving. How would insurance pay for this woman's negligence? Can he fight this case?
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    I am typing fast so I hope this made sense.

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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Southtomidwest!

    Unfortunately, even if your bf was not at fault, the accident was still avoidable. (At UPS, the woman who hit the package car can be at fault, BUT the UPS driver will still get an avoidable accident on his record).

    It's a scam, I'm with you. The woman in the suv should get all blame for this accident. But that won't happen....
  3. :sad-little: Sad news but thank you for a quick response!
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    Hit while parked used to be almost always unavoidable, this has changed over the years because UPS makes arbitrary descions on what's avoidable and what's not. You could have parked anywhere else and it would still be his fault. I think you're worried more about this than he is if he's been around any length of time. Look at it this way, you used to get something for safe driving years, thanks to cutbacks your boyfriend won't miss what he never had, recognition.
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    One thing I have realized. UPS is a company that doesn't stand behind their employees.
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    Rule #1: Driver is always wrong.

    Rule #2: In the event Driver is right, refer to rule #1.
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    And it would be so easy for UPS to stand behind their drivers in cases like this when it was clearly the other guys fault. Seriously, you hit a parked vehicle??? You weren't looking.

    But they choose to throw their driver under the bus.
    Give us a sales lead, tho.
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    I can't tell you for sure until you post a picture of youself first.
  9. He is concerned as well and he will try to fight it. He knows at least he tried. Sometimes fighting something can cause supervisors to make your work day miserable because they take offense and this can cause more problems.
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    Why doesn't the union ever call shennanigans on stuff like this? We drive a truck too large to park legally at a very large percentage of stops, and are trained to park it illegally because time is money. And why the hell does the union still let them play their old trump card? Driver can do everything perfectly. "Failure to expect the unexpected".
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    Based on your drawing the center manager was right---your bf was parked illegally.
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    There likely nothing to fight that will change it.

    Did he honk the horn as he parked, did he scan steering wheels looking for occupied cars, etc, etc. etc. His boss will keep asking questions until he gets a 'no' then it will go down as avoidable.

    There really is no point fighting it. He can grieve the warning letter, but more than likely the steward will not do anything about it either.
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    Where's the pic???
  14. 728ups

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    Hit While Parked has become the most Common Accident in my Center,and if a driver were parked as the OP described he would be found at fault in my building
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    Sorry, but your boyfriend was at fault here.
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    Yes most of the time we get away with it, when we dont its our fault. Telll your bf, its all part of the game. He will have ride alongs, and hours of observances,so act like someone is always watching coz they will be.
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    Y didn't the helper beat on the back windshield when he almost got hit
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    No matter where you park they'll always find a reason to blame the driver. Someone show me on that diagram where the safe place to park was and I'll show you how I can blame you.
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    I have seen vehicles parked illegally many times in my personal vehicle and have never hit one of them. I try to avoid things like that. Darn shame the driver of the other vehicle did not see the big brown truck. If only our trucks were bigger and browner, maybe she could see them.