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  1. bigbugs2000

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    Hey folks,
    I searched and couldn't come up with an answer so I'd see if anyone knows. I'm about to apply for one of the temporary delivery driver positions. The problem is that I live in Wisconsin, so I have a Wisconsin driver's license and the positions are in Minneapolis, MN. The job requirement says that you must have a driver's license issued by this state. I may have already answered my question, but does UPS really only take those individuals with Minnesota drivers licenses that work from a Minnesota site? Or do they just want a state issued license?
  2. browniehound

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    Unless I'm entirely mistaken here, it shouldn't matter what state your license is issued from. I think the important thing is that you havn't had any moving violations in the last year or dui's in the last 5
  3. bigbugs2000

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    Thanks Browniehound,
    I thought the same thing that they would just want a state license. I don't know why they word the job requirement as "issued in this state." Don't they only go back 3 years for everything? The questions for when you're applying only asks if within the last past 3 years your license has been suspended, number of accidents charged with, and number of moving violations you've been convictd of. My driving license is just about clean. However, right when I turned 21 I got pulled over for DUI. Got convicted of careless driving instead because my BAC was .01 over the legal limit. That event happened exactly 4 years ago. Do they go farther back when they actually do a DMV check?
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    I thought all commercial licenses were tied together in a federal database. OR is it only Class A or B licenses
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    I'm pretty sure it's no more than 2 moving violations in the past 3 years.
  6. toonertoo

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    No more than 4 pts in Ohio. And a dui, or reckless op is 4 pts, you just get less punishment if dropped to RO. These moving violations stay on 5 yrs instead of the normal three, for insurance purposes. At least when I was wild and crazy, and that was quite some time ago......Im older and more cautious now. And dont like fines, high insurance or court dates, or giving my money away to lawyers, courts and the state. So do yourselves all a favor, if you must drink, please dont drive, do it at home, go to the track to race, go the speed limit, you really dont get there that much faster, anything over 20 mph over speed limit you can be put in jail. Its just not fun on the road anymore. If your drivers license is from one state and you live in another which is commutable there will be no problem. But once you establish an address you only have 30 days to get a new license in the state you reside.
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    When I applied I thought the same thing. It shouldn't matter, I live in Missouri. The hub is in Kansas.
  8. toonertoo

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    I would "think", that all licenses would be tied to a data base, how else would criminals be caught in another state when stopped? But we had a boy come to live with us a while back, and after getting his GED and a job, we got him a license and a car. He soon left. The car and license lasted one month. He totalled the car, and when he used his license from here, seems he had his Florida license revoked, so it was driving under suspension. I guess he forgot to tell us about the loss of his license in FL. Oh well I tried to help, some people dont get it.