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    Hey guys Im just kinda curious how much time management is suppose to give you if they call you in to work? The only reason I ask is because last week I was given 5 minutes before start time when they called me. I have heard it use to be an hour? Can someone tell me?
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    I am not SURE, however if you have to give the employer one hours notice that you won't be coming in, they should have to do the same.
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    1 hour.

    Two words: Caller ID
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    Here in the Atlantic Supplement, you should know at least 24 hours in advance. Check your contract language for Layoff and Recall
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    They should let you know the night before.
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    I`m guessing you are a casual (off-street) driver. Just because they called you in to drive 5 minutes before start time doesn`t mean you have to be there in 5 minutes. Drive safely to work and start when you punch in. If you have no seniority, you come in when they call you.


    No man Im an actual driver and not once have they followed the "UPS" procedure if its suppose to be 1 hour. Im lucky to get 30 minutes! I understand seniority and how it works but this makes it extremely hard for someone in my position. Everybody says well go get another job. Thats pretty tough to do considering you have to tell them OH I cant come to work if UPS decides to call me in. Especially if I have to basically wait around till 8:30-9:00.
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    If the company wants to hold you accountable to a given start time, they must inform you of that start time the night before.

    If you are "on call", they can certainly tell you to report with only 5 minutes notice but you cannot be disciplined for tardiness for failure to do so. In a case like that, you can simply change your "scheduled" start time in the DIAD to whatever time you actually are able to arrive and clock in.
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    Here, you have an hour per the contract. Also here, they are required to post our uniformed scheduled start time by the end of day the friday before any given week. Here there is no provision for being on call. I would be at the unemployment office every monday morning that I wasn't scheduled.