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    I know that there is a 30 day driver probation period when you first start driving. There is a guy in are building that is about to make his thirty days today he said that they told him they where going to extend his thirty days because his numbers weren't good enough everyday. How can that be 30 days driving is 30 days I don't see any where is the contract where they can extend that unless you miss a day or are in the free period.
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    He is about to make his 30 days, meaning he hasn't. They will just cut him if he doesn't do the 30 again, and this is how UPS operates routinely
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    That maybe how your center does things. I have seen where new drivers had the 30 days extended twice to get qualified. Some people don't have a God given talent to be a perfect package car, delivery person right out of the box. The good thing about having the qualification period extended 1 time for 1 person then it can used again & again for other slow learners. I think the Local Union went to bat for the slow learners before the training time & cost were wasted. The steward at the time took the job seriously and wanted every one to be successfull.
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    Hmmmm, thats a new one on me. Around here, tough cookies. Might have to pass that little info along, might help some.

    I am assuming that during the extention of the 30 days, if you have any type of accident, you are out the door in package for a year, just like it is during the first 30?

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    I guess the other way to look at this is that they see some potential and hope that an additional 30 day qualification period will be all that it takes to put them over the top. I like that much better than being told after 30 days that you did not qualify and that's it. I would take full advantage of the extended opportunity as it may not be offered again. However, as you stated, it does appear that this center may be misusing this and applying it to drivers who may otherwise qualify as perhaps there are no openings for another driver at the time or for whatever reason.
  6. mattwtrs

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    Accidents for sure resulted in DQ ,complaints, missed p/u's still could result in disqualification.
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    Im in that situation right now, another 30 days to prove myself. My first go round was sabotaged by blizzard conditions for weeks so my numbers (and its ALL about the #s) were "inconsistent". However, I was approached by our union steward who has been watching the situation and noticed that I was sent out without an on car sup aboard the first 3 days (required) AND not put on a different route (also required). A grievance was filed on my behalf...and I may be qualified on technicality. A little hard on the ego, but Ive been averaging 19 to 22 stops per hour...running my a** off, not a slacker.
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    Don't know what your supplement says, but the southeastern says that a person has 120 days to get the 30 days qualify in. That means 30 working days- no weekends. New driver needs to scratch routes or have good numbers for 30 days out of the 120 days. But this doesn't keep some one from being disquaified if they just don't get how to do the job. Not everyone has what it takes to be a driver. This new Y generation don't get it. Very few of them make it first time trying. Have won some and lost some battles with management over this.[-][/-]
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    Our center is horribly short on drivers, suddenly half the group is retiring all at once so Im in a great position. However, I kind of feel like Im being used during this whole qualification process. If a route is cut due to low volume that week, the load gets dispursed and Im sent out over dispatched. If another driver can't get to his pick ups for whatever reason, Im asked to take on more than my own 30. They know I can handle it and I do but like I just said, I feel like Im being used more than being supported in successfully completing my probation period. Am I correct in feeling this way or is this normal practice?
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    i think in my center once you hit 30 days (pay roll 30 days) you have made seniority and the game is over. i haven't seen any driver make they book then have to do another 30 days. im pretty sure once the pay roll has you at 30 days that is that. local804 will deff have the answer.
  11. WyoBrown

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    DM - Unfortunately, another 30 day probation period is plausible and, a reality here. I have just completed the first week of the second go round. But mgmt is not following the contract ie: no on car sup the first 3 days and, I hear thru the grapevine that I'll be running another route for rest of probation...starting Mon. This is hands down the most frustrating and stressful job situation Ive ever experienced. Ive been on preload, been a air driver for a year, asked to cover drive during peak so I know what Im doing but the strings are being pulled and I have NO say...just shut up and drive. So I do, I love my job but the BS is knee deep.
  12. mattwtrs

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    Just remember to work as directed and get a pair of hip boots to replace your muck boots when the BS gets more than knee deep!
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    Yeah I know, work as directed. Sounds easy enough but when 22 stops an hour has become the standard for mgmt during probation...every single day no matter the conditions, over dispatch etc...I am really looking forward to qualifiying and being able to cut myself a little slack. Here's a question for anyone that knows anything about the probation period. Is 170 stops, 30 p/u's considered over dispatch?
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    FACT IS - If the center and the union agree to the extension then it is OK. It is the center manager's decision to extend BUT the union has to agree to it. It is in everybody's interest to make the new hire successful. I have only used this approach about 10 times in my career.
  15. WyoBrown

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    Lifer, very interesting. The center manager told me that the DM has the final say a person I never met nor did he come out to ride with me before giving the "thumbs down". However, the union steward has been watching this and filed a grievance last week due to the handling of the probation process. Can hardly wait to see what happens this week...sheesh.
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    probation is 40 working days in a 90 day period
  17. UPS Lifer

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    DM can always over ride a center manager. Sounds like the DM got wind of the or your concern and may over turn it because of the grievance. It can be a face saving technique (for the center manager) to put it in the DM's court.

    To me there is no harm no foul to increase the probation period. An additional 30 days can really show a trend one way or the other to make a better decision. After all, we are affecting a person's future!
  18. trplnkl

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    The extension of the probation period can be a two edged sword. If the new driver is having small problems with running O/U inconsistently or is consistently over allowed, the extension can be a good thing, to allow for more training. However IF the extension is for merely delaying the progression for whatever reason ,that it's an abuse that should not be allowed. Looks like a case by case situation to me.

    we've all seen drivers make the cut into driving that never should have made it. This just brings heartache and problems later down the road.
  19. mattwtrs

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    They were least best as a preloader and the center manager at the time is gone and every driver that is any way near the bad drivers area hear about them from customers. I was always in the office when the shop steward was on vacation with theses drivers too. Most of the time they don't learn & end up being ex-UPS employees within 5 years.
  20. WyoBrown

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    I would agree with you that the second go round can be the "make or break" period. Its pretty stressful to do all over again but Im just stubborn enough AND want it enough, to kick *ss every day as long as I have to to prove to the powers that be that I have what it takes. The first prob period (Jan/Feb) was full of blizzard condition days, unplowed roads and tire chains so my numbers were all over the place. Now, roads are dry and without sounding stops per hour are right up there with our best drivers, consistently. I could qualify on technicality (due to grievance), I'll probably know this week. What a bizarre business this is!