Driver Seniority VS Building Seniority?

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    Hey guys, quick question to pose to you here: Do drivers have precedence over part-timers for layoffs? There are a number of part-timers in my [small] center who have more seniority than the lower drivers. Last year they'd gone ahead and laid off some part-timers to allow the low drivers to come in and work on the local shift only to have one of the management later come out and say that they weren't allowed to do that and the part-timers were brought back on shift. Well, as it is around that time of year again they've started this practice again (there has been some changes in management since then) and I'm just wanting to figure out, hopefully from people who know how this works, if this is right or not.

    Any input is helpful.
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    It depends on your local rider. Here building seniority trumpet classification seniority for layoffs only. My guess is fulltime should trump part time, but you need to consult your steward to be sure.
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    Out west the part timers can NOT be laid off to create work for FT'ers. Only in cases where a FT' er has lost driving privledges can a PT'er be laid off, not just to cover light volume.
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    Our lay offs depend on building seniority.
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    This is in North Carolina, If that helps. I'm not sure where exactly to research relevant info on the subject but if you could point me there that would be great. I glanced through a few of the supplements but did not see anything regarding this outlined.
  6. menotyou

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    Call your local union hall and make your BA tell you exactly where it is in your rider.
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    Layoffs are by classification seniority. PTers should not be laid off to benefit FTers due to light volume.
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    Here we would have the option of taking a layoff so that one could file for unemployment or to displace the lowest seniority ptimers to create an 8 hr day.