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    I am a driver and want to transfer to another state. My union rep. said there are essentially 3 ways to do this -- one is to register at a college/university near the center you want to transfer to, to pursue educational opportunities...another would be if a family member is sick (sibling or parents). Or if the center manager in the new center hires me. So okay, let's say I register for a class in the city I want to transfer to, how do I initiate the transfer process? But what if the new center has all the drivers they can use right now? Wouldn't make sense for them to hire a driver from another state, would it?
    My HR manager here said he didn't think hourly transfer are possible, let alone to another state. So who is right?

    I seriously want to go to this new center, as I need to move there but don't want to leave the company.
    ANY help on this would be appreciated!!
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    You could try google searching this forum and see the scenarios where drivers are able to transfer. You could also add what part of the country you are in, as that matters. You cannot transfer in many parts of the country.
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    I've never heard if education transfers for FT drivers. A hardship transfer is all I know of and they're not guaranteed. Knew a Guy who's ex wife's job moved her and the kids across the country. He asked for a hardship transfer and was denied. He eventually just quit and got rehired. Lost seniority, years of service and everything.
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    We don't do driver transfers around here at all. I only know of two, both times the driver had to quit and start over as a new hire at the new building. They lost all seniority and had to go to the bottom of the list. I wish we could bid to other buildings within my division or district at least to cut down on my commute.
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    Man people don't know the rules to transfer and it all depends on your local. You can transfer within our local if you win the bid for a route in another center.

    My dad recently ran into a driver from the center i would eventually like to transfer to. Of course he bothered the guy and asked him about me transferring. The guy told him i would have to quit and start as a preloader. I know this isn't true as I've bid on routes in the center just haven't won one yet.

    Talk to HR a steward and your BA. These are the people who know the answers.
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    You also want to check with the local your interested in going to. Some supplements allow you to retain your seniority, while others put you on the bottom of the list. (I.e. first to lay off.)
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    I thought you were PT, in the last 2 years have seen a couple pters transfer with ease out of state and within state. They keep company seniority but lose building seniority. I've heard of a FT driver transfer once, but only to cover a route out of a trailer dump off.

    Plus, you need to find out if that school is ok with UPS first. They have certain schools they dont take, like cooking schools and other trade schooling.

    You might end up having to restart, quit, which is your choice. But HR should be telling you its ok to transfer to another state with school. As being able to drive there right off the bat is highly unlikly.

    Keep asking questions, call that other building and ask them the details. Do what it takes to get informed.
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    I've known many PTers who've signed up for classes at a local community college near the facility they're attempting to transfer to -- with no previous college experience, or none in many years -- and all have been denied an educational transfer. Requests are so frequent to circumvent policy that HR makes us demonstrate seriousness in pursing education. YMMV.