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    I was illegally fired after 32+ years! It was devastating! I was told not to even come back onto company property! All I did was fill out a request for a day off and went home(major stress at the time)
  2. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    How is that "illegal" were fired for abandoning your job, and I'm sure management was waiting for you to slip and enjoyed every second of it. Have a nice day off!
  3. hyena

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    what a jerk!
  4. hyena

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    There has to be something u can do. I cant really give advice ive only been here a couple of years but man I hope something changes in your favor!
  5. over9five

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    OK, I'll bite. What does the union say, Sabot? Sounds like you could get some kind of stress excuse from a doctor, and get your job back.

    (Of course, maybe 32 years is enough...)
  6. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    If he/she is union, might get the job back.

    The point is; management will fire you for not giving notice for requesting a day off and leaving work. Anyone with time in should know about job abandonment, esp a 32 year vet.

    If you're sick or extremely stressed, you say "I'm too sick to work and need to see a doctor". Then UPS cannot jeopardize your personal saftey.

    Plus, there's a whole different side to the story we aren't hearing, too.
  7. dcdriver

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    We have many drivers at the last minute or on road say the have a family emergency come in then go home.
  8. when you hear this you should get youre job back just message me and i will give you more details...this was true event p/t employee walked out of hub 1.job abondonment...then employee proceeded to his sups vehicle and keyed every side of the car three times 2.destroying property...they were unemployed 4 working days
  9. MonavieLeaker

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    Ok let see if I read this right....You filled out a request for a day off and then walked off? Sounds like job abondament to me.
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    If you needed the day off, then why didn't you just call in? If somebody just walks off the job after reporting for work, then that is a cardinal sin, job abandonment. I have never heard of anybody getting fired for taking care of a family emergency, if this is the case. Not much info in the original post.
  11. Baba gounj

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    I too had that kind of a day not long ago.
    I flipped out at a sup., told not to come back without a union rep or the BA. And I didn't.
    However the same sup. twice called around looking for me the very next day.
    And another sup. told me to just show up my next scheduled start all was forgiven.
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    DON'T FEED THE TROLLS:whiteflag:
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    Yeah....take advice from some one who can't write a coherent post.
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    Don't be mean to the poor troll.

    He was just taking the Don't come onto company property one step too far by not registering.
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    its kinda funny how we were talking about a similar situation in another thread yesterday....?
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    And you think it is a good thing that he got his job back? IMO he should have been fired AND made to pay for damages! (and then had his butt whipped)
  18. drewed

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    Yea I want to know these details......
    Theres a lot more to this story then what hes saying, extortion maybe?
    Because the sup could have pressed charges against the hourly and the only reason not to would be if he had some leverage on him
  19. scratch

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    If I was the sup who got his car keyed, I would have pressed charges against him. I would make sure he was fired again too if he got his job back.
  20. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    sorry for feeding trolls, I really was trying to help. :/